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Balika Vadhu 13th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nandini coming home and looks at herself in the mirror while a sad music plays. Krish comes, hugs her and says I know what you are feeling right now. You haven’t cared about your feelings and apologized to Abhayram for mom’s sake. He thanks her for taking care of his mum’s happiness and asks her to promise not to make his mum cry. Nandini promises. Krish apologizes and kisses on her forhead and cheeks. Nandini is in tears and says nothing is in our control. Krish asks her not to think anything and says today night is about you and me. I just want to make you believe that I will be with you whenever you need me. I am just 22 years old, but not immature. Nandini hugs him. Agar Tum Saath hio plays……………………krish makes

her sit on bed….He takes out her bangles and jewellery. He makes her rest on his lap. Nandini is scared. Krish asks her not to worry and says he is with her. Nandini sleeps on his lap.

Dr. Amit comes to Vandana and says I want to talk to you. He asks her to sit. He says I know you want me to give you a chance, forget the past and rekindle our relationship. He says he wants her to give her a chance, and that’s why took off from the hospital to go on a holiday with her. He says if I fell in love with you again then I will accept this relation, else you will let me leave. Vandana says but. Dr. Amit asks her to promise. Vandana promises him. Krish comes to Police station and tells him that his wife’s life is in danger because of her ex husband. Inspector asks him to tell in detail. Krish tells about her child marriage, and asks him to find out Kundan. Inspector says he will find out about him and says he is happy to know that a balika vadhu got a loving husband. Nurse calls Krish and asks him to come for some urgency in the hospital. Krish comes to the hospital and sees Shankar in serious condition calling Nandini. Krish recalls him and says I am Krish. Shankar gets unconscious again. Krish wonders why he is taking Nandini’s name again and again.

Abhayram tells Nandini that she is sparkling more than a sun and asks where is she going? Nandini says she has resumed her work from today. Abhayram says you would have been happy if you belonged to just one husband, but you have two. Inspector comes and says we want to meet Nandini. Nandini says I am Nandini. Inspector says we got a police complaint that your ex husband is threatening you. Nandini says I don’t know any kundan. Abhayram eyes her angrily. Inspector shows her FIR. Nandini angrily asks him to go and not to waste her time. Once Inspector goes. Abhayram threatens her and asks who has filed the complaint. Nandini says I didn’t file any complaint. She gets Krish’s call and he informs her about Shankar taking her name. Abhayram gets alert and says no…thinks if Shankar tells everything to Nandini then…my plan will be ruined. He angrily says Shankar. Nandini comes to hospital and says Shankar…Krish says we have tried to revive him, but he slipped into coma. He says why he is taking your name? Nandini says he is a goon and asks nurse for brain scan. Krish says may be he wants to tell you something.

Karuna asks Pandit ji who kept puja at home. Abhayram says he has kept it. Karuna is happy and says how can you understand my heart talk. He acts humble and says he wants peace at home. He says there is a problem, as Nandini went for work although I stopped her. Karuna says I will call her. She calls Nandini and asks her to come home soon. Nandini says I can’t come now. Karuna says if you care for your inlaws then come home fast. Nandini says but. Karuna says I don’t want to hear. Krish tells Nandini that he don’t want to hurt his mum, but have equal responsibility towards his patient. Nandini says she can’t see her husband sad and says nurse will take care of lady patient. Nurse comes and says Shankar is calling your name just as he got consciousness. Kundan reaches hospital and tells Karuna that he will take them home. He gets worried and thinks he has to stop sister and brother’s meeting.

Nandini and Krish sit for puja. A lady gets down the car and comes there. Kundan looks at her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. swetha kannan

    will shivam getalright

  2. I wish that shivam/shankar tells the truth to krish and nandeni

  3. Down the trodden path.once again hits n misses to prolong the never ending saga.Viacom look for newer ways to hold on to your viewers.sure you can see fromTRPs.Do something ,rescue us before we leave the once love Balika Vadhu!!!

  4. Plz end the kundan role as early as possible. He will ruined healthy relationships, and effects his role to society… Plz stop stupidity

  5. Radhika

    I don’t expect anything from BV because never anything happened according to our expectations. They are famous in dragging so I think shivam is going to be in coma

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