Balika Vadhu 13th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 13th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jagya enquiring the way to the dharmshala from the villagers. He sits in the car and tells Anandi that dharamshala is near. After driving a while, they reach dharamshala. Mannu and Pooja are checking out from Dharamshala, and ask about the bill. The manager says 300-400 Rs. Mannu pays the money more than bill amount. Jagya gets Dadisaa’s call. He tells that he will call once they get Mannu and Pooja. Mannu and Pooja get shocked hearing his voice and runs from there. Jagya, Ganga and Anandi come inside. Mannu and Pooja get in auto and ask him to take them to bus stand. The manager informs Jagya that Mannu and Pooja left in a hurry and paid more than their bill. Jagya, Anandi and Ganga think to go to bus station.

Nimboli and Disa are going back home. Nimboli says she

should have let her play with Pampodi. Disa collides with a man on cycle, and the man shouts at Disa. Nimboli throws stone on him and gives a good reply. Disa sees Jagya’s car coming and hides Nimboli’s face.

Akhiraj and Harki are sitting in the temple and are happy with Kundan’s second marriage. Kundan comes and informs them that she went somewhere. Akhiraj asks how can it be possible? He looks at same woman smiling at him. Akhiraj scolds Kundan and asks him to tell properly. Harki asks him not to worry. Akhiraj curses his destiny, and asks them to find Urmila.

Ganga tells Jagya that she wants her Mannu. Anandi says we have checked the buses, but they were not in the bus. Mannu and Pooja are seen in the bus. Pooja tells that we have taken the bus to Jaitsar so that they don’t doubt on us. Mannu says yes. He hears conductor calling Lakshmi ganj arrived. Mannu and Pooja get down the bus. Mannu tells her that his father Ratan Singh used to stay here and they will go to his grand mum’s house. They sit till they get a vehicle to go to Dadi’s house.

Harki, Akhiraj and Kundan look for Urmila. Harki sees Urmila and calls Kundan and Akhiraj. They see Urmila crying heavily. Harki asks what happened? Urmila tells them that she was watching a scene on TV( in a temple) and crying. Kundan thanks the God. Harki scolds Urmila for not informing them before coming here. Urmila says Kundan was lost somewhere, so she was searching him. Kundan says Urmila went missing suddenly. Urmila says he is lying. Akhiraj asks Harki to take Urmila with her. After searching for Mannu and Pooja in the bus, Jagya tells that they might have went in Jaitsar bus. Ganga tells that they might have gone to Lakshmi ganj and tells that Ratan’s mum stays there.

Disa gets selfish and prays Devimaa not to let Anandi and Nimboli come face to face. Nimboli goes to make parathas.

Ganga, Anandi and Jagya come to Ratan Singh’s mum house. Ratan’s mum opens the door. Ganga tells her that Mannu has eloped from her house. Jagya says we shall get inside and talk. Mannu and Pooja get down the auto and are happy. Mannu tells that his Dadi will be very happy to see them. They see Jagya’s car there and are shocked.

Nimboli keeps Urmila’s clothes in her room. Jagya gets Pandit arrested who performed Mannu and Pooja’s child marriage. Akhiraj happens to see him and think of befriending him to become politician.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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