Balika Vadhu 13th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 13th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jagya waking up the nurse and asks what happened? Nurse tells her about Akhiraj and Badri kidnapping Ganga and made her to give injection to her. Jagya asks about their names. Nurse tells about Akhiraj and he is runaway criminal from jail. Jagya gets shocked and shaken. He calls Inspector and says his wife Ganga is kidnapped by Akhiraj singh. Badri asks Akhiraj to call Jagya now. Akhiraj says no, let them suffer for sometime, shed some tears and let them remember me well, then I will call them. Inspector comes and says Akhiraj and Badri took Ganga in an ambulance, and they were in ward boys dress. Jagya blames them for their negligence. Inspector says the place is on high alert now. The police team comes to Akhiraj’s house. Kamli opens the house. Inspector asks Constables

to search every corner of the house. Constables search the house and says there is no one inside. Kamli asks you are searching whom? Inspector says Akhiraj and Badri have kidnapped MLA’s wife Ganga. Harki smiles and signs Kundan. Kamli says she doesn’t know. Harki also says the same. Kundan says Akhiraj never called on his mobile. Inspector takes his phone with him. Kundan tries to take back his phone. Harki asks him to keep quiet. Inspector leaves.

Dadisaa tells that she wants her daughter in law at any cost, and asks Jagya to find out. She cries and asks God to bring her back. Jagya says where he would have taken her, and why he have kidnapped her. Mangla says he has kidnapped Ganga to take revenge from you as you have given shelter to us. He wants to target us. She says until we are here, he will trouble you.

Ganga gains consciousness and tries to free herself as her legs and hands are cuffed. She recalls Akhiraj kidnapping her. Akhiraj comes to her and says good morning, laughs. He asks if she is trying to free herself and says the rope will not open. He takes out the cloth from her mouth. Ganga asks why did you kidnapped me? Akhiraj says I have to kidnapped you to take revenge. Ganga says Jagya will never leave you as you have done bad. Akhiraj slaps her and asks her to keep her mouth silent. Harki and Kundan are talking about Akhiraj. Kamli hears them. Kundan says only my Bapusaa have the strength to kidnapped Ganga . Kamli gets angry and gets inside the room.

Kamli asks are you a human or animal. She says Akhiraj has done a big crime, you should be ashamed, but you are feeling happy. Harki says she is happy and feel proud of her husband’s strength. She says he is doing right. Kundan says it is just a start and boosts about his father’s crime. He says just see what else he can do? There will be no one left in the haveli to light the lamp also. Jagya and Ganga miss each other while the song plays………..Ganga asks Jagya to save her..Jagya feels as she is calling him. Anant asks him to take care of himself and we will find her.

Precap will be added in sometime.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Dear writer… its high time you focus back to the story line instead of dragging n dragging before viewers get bored up n stop watching d serial..

  2. Y don’t u come on the point I don’t understand what is interesting now very boring


  4. It is very boring now u are stretching the serial now when will nimboli said to be daughter of anadi

  5. Akhi raj episode has taken a lng time It is time that he should be captured and sent to jail. Harki and Kundan should also be punished

  6. very boring

  7. I agree. The serial has become slow. They were supposed to be reunited in September. But now, its January. When will they actually reveal the truth of nimboli-anandi. Its high time. All they show is; mangla playing politics in every episode and shivam getting angry.
    I hope, during this ganga-kidnap episode, they will be reunited.

  8. The way its going…they won’t be re-united anytime soon. They opened Dr. Ananth’s romantic track, Ganga’s kidnapping track apart from this re-uniting mom and daughter re-uniting track. There are also some unfinished tracks like Kamli’s property with her in-laws, etc. And there are some unnecessary episodes of Chakori entering this serial. The way its going…it seem that they are making this episode story on every day basis. That means, if there is no story, they just do some time passing stuff.

  9. Today writer going to kill at least 2.

  10. Entire essence of balika vadhu is has become a routine dragging serial.better take a brake and restart it.

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