Balika Vadhu 13th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 13th February 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 13th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Saachi questioning Saurabh about the night. Saurabh acts innocent. Saachi tells him that her family told her that she has been physically assaulted. She says, you was with me that time. I won’t spare you. You will go to jail. I will tell to my family. Saurabh disconnects the call and sends her MMS of the crime. Saachi couldn’t see the video and starts shaking with fear. Saurabh calls her and asks her to cut her mouth shut else the video will go viral. Saachi is shocked. Doctor asks Shekhars to take Saachi home. She asks them not to make her feel bad as she needs family support now. Shiv goes to get the discharge papers. Anandi goes to bring Saachi. Anandi tells her that Doctor permitted her to go home. Saachi is scared. Lawyer asks Bhairov to check the papers.

Dadisaa asks the lawyer not to spare the greedy people who are after the land. Basant asks him to make the case strong. Lawyer says, that land is alloted for the college and says they want the papers. Bhairov says, we shall have kept the allotment and sanction papers.

Shiv calls Inspector and tells him that I will be meeting you. Anandi asks Shiv, why? Shiv says, we have to file the report against the rapist. Anandi asks, are you sure? Shiv says, criminal is roaming freely now. Anandi says, maa is not wrong as she don’t want Saachi’s image to spoil. Shiv says, I have to take this step being a brother and collector so as to save other girls. Ira asks Saachi to eat something. Saachi recalls about the video and tears flowed down her eyes. She recalls about him. She recalls about Anandi and Payal’s warning. Saachi feels Saurabh didn’t love her even once. What I will do now? How to face everyone? Amol comes and gives her a painting of flower. He asks her to smile. Saachi recalls about badly behaving with Amol and says him sorry.

Jagya comes to Dadisaa and asks her about stopping the factory work. Dadisaa tells him that they will go to the court. Jagya says, we shall talk to Shiv as he was collector of Jaitsar at that time. Dadisaa says, Shiv is having more responsibilities and we will ask him when needed. Jagya worries about Dadisaa. Dadisaa says, I will sleep and get strength to fight tomorrow. I will be sad if that land go. I will not stop.

Ira tells everyone that Saachi is suffocating and fears that she would never come out of this trama. Meenu says, I feels pity on people’s thinking as they blame girls. Alok says, Saachi is at fault as she went to the party and had bear resulting in the mishap. Daddu says, I accept that Saanchi wouldn’t have drink the bear but if she drank then it doesn’t mean anyone would come and take her advantage. We have to face this, whoever did this won’t be free. Shiv says, I will file a FIR tomorrow. Ira says, if you think this is right, then I won’t say anything, but these incidents don’t stop or change people’s mind. Shiv says, we have to take the initiate to change.

Saachi looks at the sketch/painting of Amol and says I don’t know whether I will be able to smile again or not. She looks at her mobile and thinks of Saurabh’s threat. She throws the mobile in anger. Anandi comes and see her anger. She asks her to drink soup. Anandi thinks Saachi is hiding something.


Saachi wakes up from the sleep and gets screaming. She hugs Anandi and says that he made her MMS. Anandi is shocked. Dadisaa determines to stop the factory work.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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