Balika Vadhu 13th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 13th February 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 13th February 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
At the dining table, jagiya gets ganga and sumitra motions her to sit and have breakfast. when she says no, dadisa asks her to sit down. ganga says that she is not of the same rank as them, and cant sit with them on the same table. she would eat elsewhere after they are done. But dadisa forces her saying that she would have to eat with them only. Sumitra serves her food. Dadisa says that she knows that ganga has noone else other than her son, but dadisa considers her as her daughter and asks her to stay here in the haveli only, and that she would be happy here. Ganga asks what would she do here as she doesnt know anything else other than handling the kitchen. Dadisa asks her not to work, but ganga says that she cant be a burden on anyone.

dadisa asks her to think of these things later on and have breakfast right now, feeding ganga with her own hands, while she eats in gratitude.

Bhairo tells jagiya that lal singh has called basant and gehna to see a specialist for their tests and further course of treatment. He also tells jagiya that they are nervous. Jagiya tells him that they shouldnt be since lal has called the specialist for their sake only, and if it helps, he too would go with them, as he too has to go to the hospital. Bhairo too is assured that now basant and gehna would feel at peace.

Ganga, when noone is looking, dials up ratan’s number and begins to talk incoherently, when she hears the prerecorded voice telling her that the no is switched off. She thinks that she had dialed the wrong no, and tries again, but gvets the same response. she finds sumitra behind her, who tells her that the phone is switched off as expected since the police if after them. ganga says that she wants her son real bad, and wonders how would she be able to relax when she knows that her son is missing her. Sumitra says that she understands her pain, and comforts her that jagiya and shiv would soon find out the whereabouts of her son and bring him back to her. To divert her mind, sumitra asks for her help in the kitchen as gehna is not at home, and she has loads of work. Ganga agrees.

ganga is absent mindedly cutting teh vegetables. sumitra initiates the conversation asking what does she know about cooking. Gehan says that she knows just the usual stuff. sumitra says that she too is not very skilled, but anandi is and she used to keep track of everyone’s liking and that noone could cope with the fact, especially dadisa as they would miss her and her taste. She says that bhairo might not tell but he is in pain everyday since she left the house just like the whole village, that misses her badly. Ganga says that anandi is lucky to have them as her parents. Sumitra says that its not anandi who is lucky, but they are lucky to have anandi as their daughter, who takes care of everyone at all times. Ganga thinks that they love anandi so much, and she cant even imagine how that kind of pampered love would feel to be experienced, as she never had the fortune to experience it herself.

Scene 2:
Location: Shiv’s house in jaitsar
Seeing sanchi packing, meenu asks where is she going. Sanchi says that he holidays are getting over and that she should spend some time with her parents before leaing for the hostel. Sanchi asks meenu also to go along with her, as meenu too says that ira would have started missing them very badly. But meenu refuses saying that they would leave the next day, as she has to talk to anandi, on a very important topic before she leaves.

anandi sees meenu, while she was getting nostalgic about shiv and the cardigan that he had been given by her. Meenu comes inside and asks hesitatingly if everything is okay with shiv and anandi. Anandi remembers the skin rash incodent. meenu says that she as a mother in law hesitates to ask something from her which ideally her mother should. But she thinks that now she considers anandi as her daughter and shiv as her own son, therefore she feels free to think that she can ask anandi anything. Ananadi replies saying that she and shiv are absolutely fine with each other. She says that she respects him a great deal, and when meenu asks what about love, and she in a flow says that she loves shiv and lieks him very much. while she is embarassed at this confession, meenu is very happy and relieved that shiv and anandi understand each other, and that now they would sort out any minor differences in their life. Saying so she leaves, while anandi basks in the glory of her new found love, that her heart just confessed in front of meenu. she is overwhelmed with emotion to find that sshe too has started loving shiv now. While she still cant believe her romantic revelation, she goes into daydreaming, while thinking about her romantic moments with shiv prior and after marriage. Anandi, finds her prince charming, shiv riding a horse and then getting down, approaching her while she looks in longing. When she comes face to face with shiv, she says that she loves him. shiv is unbelievably happy hearing that and they cuddle each other in an intimate embrace. Her daydream makes her cheeks turn red with blushing.

Ananadi thinks that she never thought that she would fall in love ever again, but she did with shiv. She thinks that she has to meet him right now, but then thinks that he would be at office and would reach in the evening only. Anandi thinks that today she would get food for shiv, shiv’s anandi, and not the servant. She starts rummaging through her sarees to find a suitable one to wear on her special day of love. The screen freezes on her excited face.

Underlying message: A person doesnt realise, when love starts creeping up in their lives. The realisation strikes in much later, when they start caring and being restless in their spouse’s absence.

Precap: Finding anandi all dressed up in his office, shiv asks about the reason of her visit. she says that she has got food for him. while they sit down to eat. anandi feeds him lovingly with her own hand, basking in the glory of her new found love for shiv.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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