Balika Vadhu 13th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 13th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nandini saying Shivam that she is 10 mins elder than him, and is more matured. Shivam asks why I haven’t born before you. Nandini says you have to study well like Jagya, Ganga to be more matured. Shivam says I study well than you, and can drive car also. Nimboli sings I am 10 mins elder than you. Shivam sees Police coming there and gets down the car saying he will inform Anandi. Jagya comes there with Police. Anandi sees him and says Jagya. Jagya says you are here. Anandi says they are not letting me go inside. Inspector says we have search order and tells that Baba Anand was behind conspiracy against Jagya. Jagya says Minister Shamsher is with him. Anandi asks what does he wants? Inspector asks the security to move from his way or get arrested. They move. Jagya, Anandi, Inspector

and constables gets inside the Ashram. They find the Ashram empty, and sees a man standing with his head turned. Jagya asks Constable, did you get anyone? Constable says no. Inspector asks the man to hands up. The man wearing Saint’s clothes keep his hands up. Anandi and Jagya see some other man. Akhiraj calls Minister Shamsher and thanks him for alerting him and saving him from Police.

Kavita’s old husband’s dad tell that Anandi and Jagya will stop the marriage, but Mouni baba will be backing them. The man tells that baba went somewhere. Anandi tells about the promise which she made to Nandini. Inspector arrests the man and takes him to Police station. Anandi comes back to her car and sees kids missing. She gets tensed and calls Nandini..Shivam. They see her and rush to her. Anandi tells Nandini why did they get down the call. Shivam tells that it is his mistake, and says car’s door was locked as they get down the car. Anandi hugs them. She says if anything would have happened to you, then I would have died. Shivam says sorry.

Nandini asks where is Kavita? Anandi says Baba Anand Maharaj kept her somewhere else. Jagya asks someone about the pandit ji who performs the marriage. He informs him that the marriage will be done somewhere and Mouni baba is also attending it. Jagya and Inspector come to Pandit’s house and asks him where is the marriage happening. Anandi breaks the car’s window and opens the car door. They sit in the car. Anandi drives the car. They stop as some married woman was passing from there. Kundan scares Nimboli. Nimboli shouts and says I will not go anywhere. Anandi happens to see Harki in bridal attire and goes following her, but the lady happens to be someone else. Anandi gets thinking. Harki runs from there.. Villagers says Mouni baba ki jai. Akhiraj says this marriage is happening for everyone’s betterment, and says this village will never lack of money and grains. He asks the public to stop the persons from stopping the marriage. Police arrives there. A large number of villagers stop them. Jagya and Inspector looks on. Akhiraj smirks.

Jagya tells Anandi that there is only one way to enter inside. Anandi enters with veil on her face. Akhiraj tells kavita that she have to marry. Harki asks her to agree. Anandi sees Akhiraj and gets shocked. Akhiraj looks angrily.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. These directors and writers forgot everything.
    As much as i remember Meenu comes and says to Daddu Shiv’s son has born.Next Ira comes and says Amol ur sister.
    But they are saying its Nandini who was born first.
    These are mad and other news which I knew is there is another girl as nandini’s sister who comes after leap.

    1. who are u saying

    2. anandhi has only one daughter and son

    3. it is false nandhini has only one brother sathya give me ur emailid

      1. Cool down swetha….Amol was adopted son.

    4. You are NOT suppose to remember everything….



    5. Sarayu(honey)

      Yes, you are right. Shivam was born first and then nandini. I think the writers are fools

  2. I don’t know why Anandi take 10 min just to turn her face and she take about 2 minutes to change her view from one spot to another. The damage that needs to happen is bound to happen, like Harki’s escape today. Even though, Karate teacher, her body reflex is pathetic.

    Today’s dragging was the argument between Shivam and Nandini over Nandini being 10 minutes elder. Also Nandini’s imagination of Kundan…

  3. anandi will close akhiraj chaper by shoots with a gun nd new era will start of mahi vij or the lead male of us pyaar ko.kya naam du again or he plays in choti bahu also…whole caste will b changed

  4. anandi again fights with goons nd shoot akhiraj with 3 bullets but akhiraj died with shivam 😮 he will trap shivam and fall from a junction

  5. Who is nsndini’s sister? How this role come to stream as anti role
    ….i think almost present balika vadhu chareters vanished…and new faces will come…who will play shivam charecter? Anandi role will be end/ die??

  6. Kahani me twist ho ya nahi… kirdaar badle ya nahi… par ek baat jarur hai BV ke writers viewers ke gushe ko tej taarar kar di hai.. yeh bande agar public ke samne aa gaye toh sahi me logo ka aakrosh jhelenge aur yese pitenge ki jindagi me phir kabhi likhne ka naam nahi lenge

    1. WOW good Dolana Sabi viewers gusse mei hai, na jane kya haal hoga lekhako ka jab o Dolana ke samne aayegne

      sathya, swetha, Shiv, Jasmin, Gk & others taiyar ho jao yeh lekhako ka oi gissa pita scene dekhke pure public bore ho gaye, birth Shivam ka pahele huya par in 12 yrs me anandi vul gaye apne baccho ki birth timing wow the great mother India, kya karegi bechari 3month ki bacche kho gaye aur mili to bi mangla ki beti jab uske beti bani, toh bi ….. eiyse halat me kaise birth time yaad rahegi. maaf kar do public anandi ko.


    TO Dolana & every one who celebrate this day

    1. Tomake o notun bocher er anek anek priti o subhecha

      1. Dolana & Mani…

        Tomake o notun bocher er anek anek priti o subhecha…


  8. hehe mani she is upset totally lol thts why even she forget karate haha but she will died within few episode and dadima also…totally rubbish story nowz

  9. toral aka anandi bigg boss me ja rahi ha mane epics channel pe iski interview dekhi ha hope she will b the next winner

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