Balika Vadhu 12th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 12th October 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 12th October 2013 Written Update

Ira proposes Dadisa to get Jagya and Sanchi married again. Jagya just filled Ganga’s maang. Ira says, then I will know that you all really care for Sanchi and this is not just a showoff. Dadisa says, if it was in my control, then I wouldn’t wait even for a second.. but it’s too late now. Jagya married Ganga. All Shekhars are shocked. Shiv says, this was going to happen.. we can’t expect anything else from Jagya. But I am surprised that you’re telling this to us now. Bhairo says, no one knew all this would happen like this, but for whatever happened.. I apologise to you all on my family’s behalf. Ira says, you could apologise on phone as well.. you didn’t have to come this far. Oh I understand.. you came here to give us “good news”..

you should have brought sweets too then. Dadisa says, we were worried for Sanchi and that is why we came here. Ira says, your dear Anandi would have told you if Sanchi is alive or no on phone as well.. despite me saying no.. she is keeping relationship with you. Ira tells Dadisa to just pray that she doesn’t get so weak that.. in revenge.. she hurts their daughter, Anandi. Anandi has tears in her eyes. Bhairo asks Dadisa to leave from there. They leave.

Ira now asks Anandi, you must know that Jagya married Ganga. You were talking to your mother yesterday.. so it’s unlikely that she didn’t tell you about this. It’s your bad habit to hide everything from us. Anandi says, she called me to tell about this. Ira says, did you all see how well I know my daughter-in-law. She asks Anandi why she didn’t tell them. Anandi says, how could I tell you all seeing Sanchi’s condition? I stayed quiet for Sanchi. Ira says, your family always has excuses… but I am not going to spare Jagdish or his family.. I will take revenge for every single tear that fell from Sanchi’s eyes because of them…they will have to pay for what they have done to Sanchi. Ira leaves.

Alok comes to Ira and says, i understand your anger.. but it’s not Anandi’s fault in what Jaitsar people did. If Anandi wasn’t there today, then don’t know what would have happened to Sanchi today. Ira says, so you want me to forget what they did? I can’t.. they will have to pay for they have done.. and if Anandi is getting hurt because what I am doing… then I am sorry.. I can’t do anything. She doesn’t care about our family.. that is why she hid everything from us. When she doesn’t care about her sasural, then why should I care for her? I don’t trust that girl anymore. Alok still takes Anandi’s side, but Ira says, I don’t want to hear anything now. Enough of crying.. now it’s time to take action on Jagdish and his family.. I will take them to the court.

Sumi, at mandir, prays for Sanchi. She turns to leave and finds Ganga standing behind her. Ganga looks down. Sumi asks her, why did you come to mandir? to pay for your sins or to tell the God.. what sin is next? What that poor girl had done to you.. that you took her to the hospital. But why would you care about all that? You trapped jagya. But remember one thing.. you separated a mother from her son.. separated someone from his family.. devimaa will never keep you happy.

Ganga says, I was quiet until now because I respect you..not because I made any mistake.. nothing is hidden from you.. I have always lived for others. How can I be selfish then? I didn’t snatch anything from Sanchi.. nor I trapped doctor sahab. Devimaa is aware of that. Sumi says, why did I even talk to you? Ganga says, I know you don’t like me at all.. but I came here for the same reason you came.. I came to pray for Sanchi. I just hope that you realise that I am not wrong.. I want to get blessings from you.. and get right to call you mum. Sumi says, enough.. and leaves from there. Ganga looks at Devimaa and says, now only you can do something.

Ira comes to Sanchi. Sanchi asks her to call Dadisa as she has so much to talk to her. Ira says, they left. Sanchi asks, why? and why didn’t you stop them? I didn’t get to talk about Jagdish to them either. What do you think.. should I call Jagdish? My case is different.. usually everyone calls patients.. but here it’s opposite. I am sure they didn’t tell him thinking he will be tensed. She reminds Ira how worried Jagya was and how he was taking care of her when she had accident in Jaitsar. Ira says, he won’t come.. he has other things to look after.. will he worry about his wife or you? Sanchi says, i told you.. he just filled her maang.. they didn’t get marry. Ira says, Jagya took pheres with her. I know you saw many dreams of going to Badi Haveli, but Ganga has snatched everything away from you. Sanchi is all quiet now.. she remembers some of the past memories, and then Jagya saying he doesn’t love her. She screams, NOOO.. and starts throwing stuff around. Ira hugs her and calms her down. Sanchi still says, I am sure he did this in anger. Ira says, no.. it was all his plan. Please control yourself.. by all this, nothing will happen to them.. only you will get hurt. You shouldn’t keep any expectations from that family. Promise me that you will never do anything like this again that will risk your life. You won’t waste a single tear more for that guy. Aren’t we your own? Sanchi says, no.. it’s not like that. I promise that I will never do anything silly. Ira hugs her. Sanchi says in her mind, you did wrong by marrying Ganga and leaving me.. I will never forgive you.. you will have to pay for this betrayal to me. Ira tells Sanchi, you will have to be strong.. and listen.. inspector will come to take statement from you as this is a suicide case. .. but don’t be afraid.. without fear.. getting emotional.. tell everything that happened. Sanchi says in her mind, Jagdish neither cares of her nor her emotions.. and if she still keeps thinking about him by getting emotional, then she will the biggest idiot. Sanchi tells Ira, okay mum.. I will definitely give my statement. Screen freezes on Sanchi’s face.

Voiceover: Love is in heat’s pureness. You can’t win love with feelings of jealousy, revenge.

Precap: Sanchi tells police that it’s Jagya’s habit to break girls’ heart. It’s his job to play with a girl’s emotions and then leave her. After breaking engagement with me, he married to that Ganga. My heart broke. You will regret for doing this to me, Jagdish. All Shekhars are also present with Sanchi.
Ganga is shown running somewhere.
Police come to Jagya’s hospital and tells him that he’s under arrest for provoking Sanchi for a suicide attempt. Jagya is shocked.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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