Balika Vadhu 12th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 12th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Saachi asking Vivek, are you still upset with me. She asks him to trust her and says she didn’t know from where the wine bottle came in her wardrobe. Vivek says it is ok and asks her to sleep. Saachi sees a gift beneath the pillow kept by Vivek. She likes the gift and says I love you too. She thanks and hugs him. Vivek smiles.

Subhadra makes noises and says they made her drink Kada. She says, don’t know what they want to do with me. They made me drink cow’s urine and even adds it in bath. Hardik says, I am searching results for your problem. They are doing right. This treatment is good. You will be fine in some time. He asks her to smile. He leaves to go for village outing.

Shiv sees a thank you note by Anandi. He wonders who sent movie tickets

to him. Anandi pulls his leg and asks him to see it clearly. He reads the letter written by Anandi. He hugs her romantically. Gulli brings Hardik to school. Hardik introduces himself to the kids. He tells them to come to him and gives chocolates. Gulli smiles looking at him. He asks Gulli to give high five. A song Sawarlun plays……………………..They visit the temple.

Gulli takes him to seeing village. Gulli gives him something to eat and asks about America. Hardik says, everyone is busy in their work. He tells Gulli that there was no innocent girl like you in America. Gulli asks him not to think her as innocent.

He asks her to chill and gives his specs to her to wear it. Gulli says, I don’t need it. He plays mouth organ. Gulli gets impressed with him. He teaches her how to play music.

Suman comes to Saachi and gives her gulab jamun to eat. Saachi says, she didn’t like to eat. Vivek ji will be back in the morning. Suman asks her to eat and says good night. She looks at Saachi. Saachi eats without knowing her real intentions. Suman asks Saurabh that it will soon effect her. Saurabh says, Saachi will have a deep sleep now.

Dadisaa brings cow’s urine for Subhadra and asks her to drink. Subhadra asks her to keep it and she will drink in 2 mins. Dadisaa keeps it and goes. Subhadra closes the door and throws the cow’s urine through the window. She then washes the glass. she then mixes turmeric in water and drinks it. Dadisaa comes and sees her drinking. Subhadra acts to drink it forcefully. Dadisaa asks her to add salt with turmeric for taste.

Hardik comes and shows the video of Subhadra throwing cow’s urine. Subhadra says, she made a joke. Hardik brings cow’s urine and asks her to drink. Subhadra drinks it.

Vivek comes home in the morning and sees Saurabh sleeping on the chair. He wakes up and says thank god you have come. I couldn’t sleep entire night. Vivek asks, what happened? Saurabh says, he was sleeping in his room. Saachi came to his room and tried to get physical with him. Vivek asks him not to lie. Suman comes and says how can Saachi do this. Saurabh says, Saachi was drunk and even slept in my room. I locked the room. Suman says, you should have tell me naa. He says, I am not lying. Vivek goes to the room. Suman and Saurabh smirks.

Vivek wakes up Saachi and asks her to tell what she is doing in Saurabh’s room. Saachi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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