Balika Vadhu 12th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 12th July 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 12th July 2013 Written Update

Badi Haveli

The show begins from where it ended yesterday, where Sumitra (Sumi) tells Jagya (J) that good things are happening in their lives. She tells him that he has agreed to get married and that too to a very loving girl. Soon he will be settled in his new life. She then turns to Ganga (G) and tells her that she has scored well in her exams and is now thinking of her future, hence she needs to become independent so that she can educate her kid and make him capable. Hence its best she gets admission as soon as possible. G agrees after which Sumi tells J that he is now responsible to get G admitted to a good college as soon as possible. Saying this she asks him to rest and leaves.

J sees G in deep thought and asks her what she was thinking about? G says that she is thinking

about him. She soon realizes what she said and covers it up asking him to drink the milk since its his mother’s wish. J tells G that she is right. He is not interested in drinking the milk but has to abide by his elder’s wishes and he leaves the room. G agrees that one has to agree to their elder’s wishes.

In the next scene J comes to Dadi Sa’s (DS) room. Seeing J worried she asks him what the problem was. J tells her that he is feeling very restless and he cannot understand if what is happening is right ore wrong. Although he agrees that Sachi took good care of him while he was sick not bothering about her other commitments. He also agrees that she behaved very lovingly with the family showing them respect. He says that he doesn’t doubt that she is very clear from her mind. Inspite of that one question keeps propping up in his mind. He wonders if he will be able to give her the happiness she deserves as his life partner? Ds asks him why he thinks that way. J replies that Sachi is not as understanding and mature as Anandi (A). She has lived all her life in the city and a different upbringing and thinking. He says that even Gauri had modern thinking but Sachi is so different from her too. Even after falling in love with Gauri and marrying her, he could not stay in that relationship so will he be able to manage with Sachi. Will he be able to fulfill the expectations she has from him? He thought that people in the city are different from people in villages. But he realizes that each individual is different. Tehy have their individual behavior and mindset. Sachi’s whole world is so different from his, so will he be able to be a part of her life?

DS assures J that the difficulties of life have made him so mature that he will be able to manage with any person now no matter how different they may be. He is sure that he will be able to keep Sachi happy. She asks him to accept the relationship as God’s will and move ahead and everything will fall in place. J tells her that he will try his best to keep this relationship. DS tells him that this new relationship that he is going to build will be unbreakable. J agrees and says that he cannot afford/sin to break more relationships anymore. He says that he will have to accept Sachi the way she wants to live her life and also try to mould himself too to her wishes and expectations. DS blesses him and tells him that God will help him. J asks her to rest and leaves. After he leaves DS tells herself that J has changed so much that he will keep any girl happy. But she is worried about J’s happiness which he deserves. She prays that let him get that happiness at least this time.

Kesar Bagh

Next morning, A is shown asking Nathu to clean the guest room. A enters the room and makes the bed when she sees a scarf on the bed. She wonders who’s it as it she can still smell the perfume on it. She wonders if someone stayed back in the house while they were away at Jaitser.

Badi Haveli

DS gives Sumi prasad when Sumi tells her that she is very happy that J is going to settle down soon. G comes there with tea for DS. G is about to leave when DS gives her prasaad and asks her what she thinks about J and Sachi’s relationship? Sumi doesn’t like DS asking G about it. DS tells G that she cares about the well being of the Singhs and hence she wants to know her opinion too. G replies that it is not appropriate for her to voice her opinion since the decision is to be made by the elders of the house. But DS insists that G give her opinion since she had saved them from a fraudulent alliance int he past. So DS insists that G give her opinion on this too. Sumi looks irritated and seeing her, G feels very hesitant to give her opinion. Nevertheless she says that Sachi is a very nice girl and well educated. As long as she can mingle with the Singhs well, everything will be fine. She then says that the Shekhars are very nice family and also respect J. But Sachi and J are poles apart in their behavior and temperament. She says that J is not like Sachi. He is very simple and straight forward. His likes are also very simple with regard to food and lifestyle. Hence she only has one question in mind whether they will stay happy together. Hearing this from G Sumi, gets agitated and asks her who she is to make a decision for others. She questions her if she has so much experience to make such statements and that too about Sachi? Sachi stayed awake all night to take care of J without worrying about what people would think about her. She is city bred open minded girl, who can speak her mind but also respect her elders. As far as she knows, Sachi respects J a lot and will not hurt J even in her dreams. She tells her that DS was kind enough to ask G’s opinion but that doesn’t mean G says anything inappropriate. Seeing Sumi agitated Ds tells her that she is right about Sachi, but why should she get angry with G? Every one is entitled to their opinion and here, DS herself asked G’s opinion.

After G leaves, DS asks Sumi to sit down. She tells her that G is equally concerned about J’s well being as they are. She makes her understand how G saved J from the previous alliance and hence she should not hurt G. Saying this DS tells Sumi that G was not wrong in her apprehensions. She just hopes that the decision that they have taken is right and that J and Sachi live happily together.

Kesar Bagh

A comes to Mahi’s room with the scarf. She asks Mahi why he did not go for his morning walk to which Mahi tells her that he wants to watch the match. A asks him if the match is the reason or since he partied hard the previous night with his friends. Mahi tells her that he did not party but came home on time. To this A asks him if he came back alone or with someone else. This leaves Mahi in thoughts about his time with Ashima. Seeing a smile on Mahi face, A starts laughing breaking him out of his thoughts. She says that his expressions reveal that she caught him hiding something. She then shows him Ashima’s scarf which reminds Mahi that Ashima requested him to not tell anyone about her visit. He tries to cover up saying that it might be Sachi’s friend’s. A also agrees.

Mahi then asks A what all happened in Jaitser. He tells her that when he heard the news from Sachi he was taken aback. He is surprised how the Singhs agreed to this relationship. Seeing A worried, Mahi tells her that he is happy for Sachi but also very worried at the same time. He asks A if she is happy with this alliance? Seeing her hesitating he requests her to truthfully tell him what’s in her mind. A replies that she doesn’t know what to make of the whole situation. Neither is she sad nor happy. Infact it all looks like an unsolved puzzle. She says that she did not expect the Shekhars to take the proposal to Jaitser in the first place in spite of Sachi being stubborn. She then thought that no one in Jaitser would agree, but even that did not happen. She did not expect J to agree to this alliance either. She tells him that even after both the families have happily agreed to the alliance she doesn’t think it is appropriate. She is worried that in future both J and Sachi will not be happy in this marriage. This will strain the relationships between both the families too. Mahi tells A that the way she put the matter in perspective, he would never be able to express it. But he also feels just like her. But no one would listen to him. So he requests A to make the family understand that this alliance will not be good for anyone. This leaves A shocked and worried.

Voice Over

“Traditional thinking can also sometimes make elders take a wrong decision. The younger generation, out of the feeling of respect, find it difficult to oppose their elder’s decisions. ”

Same precap as yesterday.

Update Credit to: andv

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