Balika Vadhu 12th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 12th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nimboli switching on her phone and it rings. Tantrik hears the ring and asks what is this noise? He ignores it and continue reading the tantra mantras. Anandi calls Nimboli again. Nimboli picks the call and tells her that she is fine, but Madhura is unsafe. She says a couple brought Madhura to the temple to sacrifice her. Jagya asks her not to worry and asks her to be there only. Nimboli says it is my duty to safe Madhura. Jagya and Anandi say that they will safe her and ask her not to get in any trouble. Nimboli tells the address and tells about the landmark. Just then her phone gets switched off. Jagya calls police officer and asks him to locate temple. Nimboli comes near Madhura while everyone is sitting with their eyes closed. Nimboli opens the rope and asks Madhura to

run. Just then Nimboli shouts and they open eyes to see them fleeing. Tantrik and the couple run after Nimboli and Madhura. Madhura tells that her legs are paining and stops running. Tantrik and the couple arrives there. Nimboli asks Madhura to run. Tantrik holds their hand. Nimboli and Madhura get scared.

jagya asks Anandi not to worry and says he will call Police and asks if they reach there. Tantrik says it is magic. Today two sacrifices will happen and Devi will bless you with a child. She tells Nimboli that she is lucky as Devi has chosen her for sacrifice. She says you will get mukti from this world. Inspector tells Jagya that they found the temple and asks them to come. Tantrik asks the couple to make the girls wear sacred clothes and blindfolds them as they might get sacred. Nimboli and Madhura shouts Maa. Dadisaa prays to God to protect Nimboli.

Jagya tells Anandi to search Nimboli in different direction and go with Inspector, while he searches in other direction. Tantrik reads the mantras and put something in the fire. Nimboli shouts Chokhi Chudail…………..Tantrik does their tilak and makes them wear lemon necklace. He says Devi is calling you. Get ready to go to her. He drinks something. Jagya tells Anandi that voice is coming from this direction. Tantrik holds the sword and attacks. Nimboli shouts. Anandi and Inspector comes to the temple. Tantrik tells the couple that he has cut the coconut and will give bali like this. He asks Devi to accept his sacrifice. Anandi picks stone on the tantrik when he is about to kill Nimboli and Madhura. Anandi frees Nimboli’s hand and open the blind fold. Tantrik says you will not be saved from Devi’s wrath. Anandi slaps him and says you will not get saved from Devi’s wrath and not me. She scolds the couple for taking this dangerous step. The woman says she is childless. Anandi says she can get herself treated and shouldn’t have fell in tantrik’s trap. She says you can’t get a kid after snatching other’s kid. Jagya asks Anandi to stop making them understand. He says court will decide about their punishment. He asks Inspector to take her.

Kamli calls Anandi and asks about Nimboli. Kamli tells whatever happened with Nimboli to Mangla. mangla comes to haveli and declares that she is taking Nimboli to Jhalra.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thanks for the quick update..

  2. Thapki pyar ki’s today episode was superb….

  3. Todays episode is good there is no too much dragging. Anandi is able to save both girls. Precap is bad why Mangla always forget that Anandi is Nimboli’s biological mother
    Hope this time Anandi will inform Nimboli that she is her daughter Nandini n Akhiraj kidnapped her. What the hell Mangla is thinking of her self hope this time Anandi will be quite n answer her like a strong mother who will not part ways with her daughter.

  4. Why this Kolaveri D…..

  5. Ok…add one more to the list of Villians…tantrik.

  6. see that Mangla overaction in precap!! OMG HEADACHE!!
    sometimes i raise dought myself nimboli belongs to anandi daughter or mangala???
    anandi please fight against mangla otherwise lost your nandini??? forever????
    pushkar recovered and attracted to kamili….BV to have love making scenes….. this happens if nimboli went to jharla because kundan again attacked on nimboli mean time pushkar rescue nimboli and recovered like healthy person….

  7. Top villains in Bv
    Mangla.. role sentimental blackmailing
    Akhiraj.. role comedy magician
    Pushkar kaka,khaki..
    New one added tan trick

  8. Shobha garrett

    Seriously! Come on now! As for the little
    Pre-cap regarding Pushkar and Kamili. Can’t wait for that. Now that’s a storyline will actually save Balika Vadhu show.
    So excited to watch this. By the way whatever happened to Sachi?

  9. Sachi is happily spending her time with her husband….until her brother-in-law is released from jail. By the time we see her again, she might be with couple of kids.

  10. Thanks for reminding about Sachi
    I had forgotten her role?

  11. Shobha garrett

    Hmmmm! Thanks Shiv. Appreciate the response. I have often wondered what happened with her and life in the show.
    Readers we need to get Amol back in the show!!!!!!!! Bet he looks like a handsome soldier!!!!!!

  12. Shobha garrett

    So I have this little idea. As avid readers and watchers how about we all get together via reader reviews update and come up with a storyline. One of us can initiate it and then we can go from there. This way it will be beneficial to the directors of the show and obviously keep us interested.?????????

  13. yaaar again if mangla will win then some public will stop to watch time is to watch niboli and anandi together. please change all this track yaar. we are interesting to watch them together.

  14. dragging happens but now BV runs bit fast…..
    mangla voice raises in front haveli family it happens once they know mangla cunning activities anandi shined very powerful, but haveli people should knows mangla stupid activities first,this is not happened current story line…
    please bring mangla mind activites in front of haveli people,kamli and main NIMBOLI…
    haveli people gives promise about nandini past but mangla forgot, making non scence with nimboli like fake mother….kamili belives mangla blindly
    mangla don’t know akhiraj still alive once she knows akhiraj origin…she becomes weak because of nimboli kidnapping truth …
    “”nandini kidnapping truth comes out only from akhiraj but we don’t know when it happens””
    ———————–mangla never tried nimboli reach to her mother————————————-

  15. First anandi should say the truth to nimboli then only serial be more interesting…. And where are the jagya’s parents….. Plz let me know…

  16. Rachael - Oman Muscat

    Really getting bored with Balika Vadhu, pls make it interesting, let this nimoly & anandis issue get solved as soon as possible, otherwise we have no interest to watch this serial there are so many other serial we can switch on to that.

  17. Manglaji has saved nimboli so many times. She has not given her birth but she had brought her up and saved from evils. She will b alone without nimboli. Manglaji is ryt

  18. Mangla can live peacefully with Anandi n Nandini so she will not be alone. For Nimboli’s bright future n overall development she must live with Anandi her biological mother.

  19. Aanandi already has such a big family lot of people with her what’s wrong if nimboli stays with mangla. after all she brought her up.

  20. Shobha garrett

    Wrong!!!!!!! If that was to happen, Mangala needs to be truthful to
    Nimobli and stop being so deceptive. Nimboli should be told the truth and then Nimboli should decide.

  21. who play the roll of tantrik?

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