Balika Vadhu 12th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 12th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Anandi thinking what will Daddu do if he comes to know about Alok’s sacrifice. Anandi talks to her daughter and asks her to hold the toy. Daddu talks to the baby and asks did you like your brother’s toy. He asks Shivam to give the toy to Nandini. Shivam gives the toy to Daddu. Daddu gives it to Nandini. She plays with the toy. Daddu says she will become a queen after growing up.

Jagya brings Ganga home. Mannu hugs her. Ganga gets emotional. She hugs Gehna and Dadisaa. She wipes her tears. Dadisaa says I was shocked to hear you. She says that sinner got a punishment from Kusum. Devimaa will not let anything happen to Kusum. She gives money to Makhan kaka to be given to the poor. Nandu and Mannu ask money. Dadisaa gives. Everyone laughs.

Daddu says we have

to go to police station for meeting Alok. Subhadra says let Anoop come. Meenu says he refused to go. Subhadra pretends to be concerned for Anoop and goes to bring him for having breakfast. She asks Anoop to come. Anoop gets a call. He tells that he have to go for some urgent work. Subhadra asks where are you going? Anoop says Police station. Subhadra asks why? She then says you will be more upset seeing him there. She says Alok should realize that it is not easy to do business. She laughs saying Alok will know that he is not really intelligent being elder. Anoop asks her to keep quiet and says Alok bhaiyya showed him that he is elder by protecting him. He says he will surrender to the Police as he is the culprit.

Subhadra gets shocked and asks what do you mean? Anoop says the things in the farm house were mine. Subhadra says I wants your betterment and asks him to keep quiet. She says let him rotten in jail. Anoop says shut up and takes her to the hall. Daddu asks what is this misbehavior? Anoop says she has so much venom in her which she is distributing among us. Daddu slaps him and says she is your bua and loves you very much. Anoop says you are blinded by her. Daddu asks him to keep quiet. Anoop says everyone should slap me. I left right way and chose wrong path. Bua ji was with me all the way.

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Anoop says she was with me in all my wrong doings. She always told me to do this. Subhadra cries and pretends to be innocent. Anoop says I will not melt seeing your fake tears. I trusted you, but you took advantage of me. You filled my ears against Alok Bhaiyya. I was a fool to believe you. I was also wrong. He says I have realized that I am also responsible. Bua ji said now that let Alok rot in jail, why you are risking your independence. Subhadra says he is lying and pretends to cry. Anoop says I have realized that I was wrong. Shiv went from here with a wish to unite us. He must be in pain seeing Alok Bhaiyya in jail. I can’t hurt Shiv more and that’s why going to the police station to bring him. He leaves.

Everyone look angrily at Subhadra. Subhadra says I didn’t do anything and promises. She says Anoop is lying. I am sure that Anandi filled his ears against me. She says you always try to lower me infront of everyone. Anandi asks her not to lie. Subhadra says nobody can stop me now. I already know that you are not right for Shiv and this house. She calls her inauspicious and says Shiv fell prey to your sweet talks. She calls Shiv to be black spot on husband’s name. Anandi asks her to stop as it is enough. She says you won’t say anything regarding Shiv. You don’t have the right to say anything. She says you was trying to provoke Amol against me. Everyone get shocked. She says Papa said right. You have venom in yourself that’s why you made me eat poison.

She tells everyone that Subhadra used to give her drugs in the name of prasad. Everyone get shocked. Anandi says Shiv wanted to tell you all, but Subhadra requested not to tell anyone. We thought Daddu will be hurt that’s why we stayed quiet. Today you crossed all the limits. Daddu looks angrily. Subhadra says it is a lie. Daddu gives her promise and asks her not to lie today. He asks whatever Anandi said is truth? Subhadra says yes. Daddu slaps her. Everyone get shocked. Daddu says you have broken my trust and have betrayed me.

Precap: Daddu asks Subhadra to leave. Subhadra is in her room and thinks she won’t leave so easily.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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