Balika Vadhu 12th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 12th February 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 12th February 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
Gehna starts worrying about nandu, but is conforted by sumitra saying that nandu’s time to return home hasnt been yet. They both start discussiong about motherly love and how ganga must be feeling. the think that a mother goes through nay length to make their kid happy. Sumitra tells gehna that they too are on the same path, saying that they are doing it for nandu and basant is completely supporting her. Gehna however, says that she’s worried about dadisa’s reaction when she finds out, but sumitra assures her saying that she would be very happy hearing the news and would forget everything else. juts then basant, comes in with apples for gehna but is shy seeing sumitra too with her. He almost leaves, but then is stopped by sumitra who

says that she was just leaving, and then winks at sumitra motioning that she was right in her assumption about basant. Gehna smiles back at her.

Nandu comes in and is surprised seeing ganga. Gehna tells him that its his big sister. But nandu says that he doesnt need an elder sister in lieu of a small brother.

As ganga spends her day casually in jagiya’s house with his family, she gets excited seeing shiv on the door. she happily approaches him asking about her son and searching him around, while shiv slumps his head down in despair and dadisa and everyone else is tensed at the situation. when ganga sternly asks of her son, shiv says that they lost ratan this time, but comforts her that they would soon find her son. Ganga is far from pacification and screams out in sadness. Dadaji asks her to compose herself but she breaks free saying that she would go out right now to find her son. Jagiya stops her, while she keeps screaming for breaking free to go to her son. Jagiya and dadisa confine her somehow.she turns on shiv in burst rage, saying that he had promised that he would get her son. As shiv leaves, not having an answer, ganga is berserk that she needs to leave right now and is utterly disrtraught and keeps ranting about getting her son. Somehow they manage to get her inside, while jagiya tells sumitra to give her food so that he can put ganga on sedative, so that she gets some rest. Basant asks jagiya of the chances of finding ganga’s son and jagiya says that as long as shiv is on the case he has full faith, that he wont be at rest till he gets ganga her son back.

The next morning, ganga wakes up to an empty bed, with jagiya by her side and asks about her son. She again starts about her ranting of seeing her son. jagiya again begins to comfort her, but she is far from being pacified. he tells her that raan wont be able to run or hide for long and that soon ganga would meet her son. He tells her to have breakfast and come down as everyone’s waiting and dadisa would be hurt if she doesnt come down. Ganga calms down a bit.

Scene 2:
Location: Shiv’s house in jaitsar
Anandi is tensed and worried that all muts be right with shiv, since she’s not getting through his cell phone.

shiv reaches home finally. He tells the inspector to continue the investigation and keep talking with the near police stations too for any news. after the inspector drives off, shiv heads for inside the house. Meenu and sanchi busy in their own work, find him coming. anandi rushes upto him, and sanchi and meenu too waiting for an answer. He tells them of his failure too, saying that he has been unsuccessful for the first time in his life in curbing injustice and goes inside while the ladies are tensed.

In his room, while shiv is tensed, anandi comes with a plate of food and insistently feeds shiv with her own hands and then puts him to sleep. He says that this day would forever be a scar on his life, saying that he can still see ganga’s son’s crying face, and ganga’s despair when ratan had run off with his family in the jeep. He recounts everything that had happened, while anandi listens with sympathy. Anandi tells him to be positive saying taht she knows that he had tried his leevl best and that he wont sit quiet and would find ratana dn make ganga meet her son. She asks him not to overthink. She takes his hand and asks him to lie down and sleep. She starts running fingers through his hair, while he lies in tension. finally he dozes off.

The next morning, after she wakes up, anandi still find shiv asleep with her hand in his. she tries to break free but cant due to the strong grasp. The alarm wakes up shiv too. Anandi asks shiv if he had a sound sleep, and shiv says that he did but all due to the fact that she was by her side all the time. he lets go of her hand and she leaves, while shiv looks on. the screen freezes on his face.

Underlying message: After remarriage, when the initial awkwardness wears off and mutual trust grows, a couple begin to get closer to each other, as if it is coming naturally.

Precap: Anandi, finds her prince charming, shiv riding a horse and then getting down, approaching her while she looks in longing. When she comes face to face with shiv, she says that she loves him. shiv is unbelievably happy hearing that and they cuddle each other in an intimate embrace.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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