Balika Vadhu 12th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 12th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anandi asking Nidhi, what happened? Anant tells her that he and his wife have got divorced today. He says we are trying to get over it. Pushpa comes there and blames Anant for bringing Nidhi to Shiv Niketan to pack her bags. She asks Nidhi, why she has taken a decision to stay with her dad. She says she will give her best education, best life style etc. Nidhi says she didn’t want anything and asks her to stop fighting with Dad. Pushpa says you have set this image of mine in my daughter’s mind. She asks her to take care and leaves. Nidhi cries.
In the morning Kundan opens the Kothri and asks Urmila to come out. Urmila says you came so early. Kundan says I went to talk to Akhiraj, but he didn’t listen. Urmila says that’s why you went to sleep in room. Kundan says

Bapusaa says right, you should be punished and asks her to respect him being his wife. Urmila says you are just name sake husband, and says Nimboli is good than you, who stayed outside the Kothri so that I don’t get scared. Everyone is shocked. Nimboli gets scared and shocked. Kundan scolds Nimboli. Akhiraj is about to slap Nimboli, when Urmila shouts and acts to faint. Everyone take her to room. Urmila signs Nimboli that she acted to save her. Disa takes Nimboli with her.

Pooja shows the pregnancy strip to Mannu. Mannu is shocked to see it positive and asks it means you are pregnant. He says may be it is wrong. Pooja cries. Mannu says we have to check in lab or with the doctor. Pooja cries. Mannu asks her not to cry.

Disa takes her to room. Nimboli tells that Urmila was very sacred and said she will die till the morning. She says she can’t let her die, and that’s why slept outside Kothri. Disa says she will give her almonds in prize, and asks her to bring it. Nimboli happens to see her childhood clothes and asks whose clothes is this? Disa recalls Akhiraj bringing Nimboli angrily and trying to kill her. Disa tells that it was Kamli’s clothes. She gives her almonds and asks her to eat it. Nimboli thinks she don’t want to go to school today and makes an excuse. Disa asks then why did you complete homework yesterday. Nimboli says she didn’t think of it.

Ganga asks Mannu about day in the school. He says it was good. Ganga asks him to have food. She is about to take tiffin from his bag, but Mannu stops her and is tensed. Ganga asks is everything fine? Mannu says yes, and says he kept tiffin in the hall. Once she goes, Mannu takes out the pregnancy strip and hopes Pooja is not pregnant. He thinks what they will do if everyone know about her pregnancy. He waits for the lab report to come.

Nimboli is working in the kitchen. Urmila comes there. Nimboli tells that she will make her breakfast fast. Urmila tells that she will chop the vegetables and asks her to make food. Nimboli asks will you kill me or takes out anger on vegetables. Urmila laughs and says she came to help her. Nimboli says good, now the work will be done fast. Urmila feels nausea and gets vomiting. Harki calls Kundan to bring Ved. Mannu and Pooja take report from the lab and are shocked to know that pregnancy test is positive. Pooja says I am really pregnant, now what we will do? Mannu says we have only one way? We have to abort this child? Pooja looks on tensed.

Akhiraj asks Nimboli, if she has done any mischief with Nimboli. Urmila says she didn’t do anything. Kundan warns her. Ved comes out after checking Urmila and congratulates Akhiraj saying Urmila is pregnant. Akhiraj, Kundan and Harki are happy. Nimboli looks on cluelessly. Akhiraj blesses Kundan and says he can’t believe that he is going to be father. Nimboli thinks it means……

A boy informs Nimboli that teacher ji went to her house to ask why she didn’t coming to school. Nimboli rushes to home. Mannu gives money to Doctor for Pooja’s abortion and says he will give remaining amount. He comes out and sees Dadisaa.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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