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Balika Vadhu 11th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anant and Nidhi having dinner at Anandi’s home. Anandi asks Nidhi to have salad else she will not get desert. Shivam tells them that his Papa was strongest. Anant thinks Anandi don’t want to reveal anything about her past. Pooja calls Mannu from PCO and insists to meet him. Mannu refuses and says he is busy. Pooja gets tensed. The shop keeper who attacked Pushkar comes to Akhiraj. He tells him to take care of Pushkar. Anandi introduces Yoga teacher Renuka to kids. Pooja gets tensed and keeps hand on her tummy while doing the yoga. The teacher asks everyone to bend and hold toes. Pooja feels pain in her stomach, but says she is fine. She continues yoga with much difficulty. Kamli gets up and recalls Akhiraj saving them. She is going and hears Akhiraj talking to the shop

keeper. He demands money. Akhiraj says you are demanding much for such a small work, but you did good work. Nobody could think that I am behind this incident and gives money. Kamli is shocked. Akhiraj turns and is shocked to see Kamli hearing him. Mannu gets ready to go to school and tells Ganga that he will return in the evening. She asks him to give vegetable dish to Pooja as she likes it. Mannu asks her to send it with someone else, and says he is getting late. Ganga says okay. She thinks Mannu is ignoring Pooja now a days.

Akhiraj enters the house and sees Kamli standing. He tells it was good that you came to know everything. I was tired of acting and takes out his bandage. Kamli says I should have understood that you are behind it and says I didn’t see shameless man like you. Akhiraj says you will not see. He twists her hand and says my men beat your mad husband badly. Kundan smiles. Akhiraj says Pushkar’s bones will be broken if he tries to get up. Kamli warns him. He continues to hurt her. Urmila goes to inform Disa. Akhiraj asks Kundan to bring Pushkar here, by dragging. Kamli cries saying no. Akhiraj tells they can’t meet until elections are done. He says you are under my captivity. Everyone saw me saving you both.

He continues hurting her and reminds how he killed Gopal. He threatens to kill Pushkar and send him to Gopal. Disa comes running and asks him to leave Kamli. Akhiraj hurts Kamli. Harki stands silently. Akhiraj tells her that it is his house and he has the right to shout. Disa tells him to leave her as she is getting pain.Disa asks him to leave her else….Akhiraj asks what you will do. If you complain against me, then I will not be able to fight in elections. He threatens to kill them. He pushes Kamli and then twists Disa’s hand warning her that he is not old Akhiraj. He will hurt them. Nimboli cries.

Nimboli tells Kishore about Kundan attempt to rape her. Kishore is shocked. Disa comes and takes her from there asking Kishore to be silent. Kishore comes to Akhiraj and asks him to give justice to Nimboli.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hi everyone. How come no one have comments on balika vadhu? It pains me when the wicked prosper. They should mix it up a bit she the good people also prosper and then finally they are vindicated. But the injustice here is too much.

  2. Dragging tooooooo much. I stopped watching. I now read update sometimes. I will continue when namboli is found. Its about time.

  3. Mojisola Bamtefa

    You are so right. Nimboli is living a life through hell with hellish occupants. I was thinking that I will visit India one day after watching so many of the soaps but this injustice done to children in some of these stories has pushed me far beyond scared. I don’t want to believe that these practices still occur even if they happened in the dark ages for the series to keep portraying it in this manner just goes to show that the country is not safe to visit. Stop these long suffering stories. It takes away from history and borders on reality. There is more truth than fiction, it is NOT only Asians that watch this ridicule.

  4. The trouble with writers is, they try to tell a story which is popular in movies. But a movie is over in 2 to3 hours. We can tolerate injustice in movies as it is for a short time. But to drag this in a serial for weeks, is not entertaining but punishing the viewers. When will the writers understand ?. I think majority of viewers have no access to written updates and to make comments. May be TV is their only type of entertainment. So the writers do not care about our views. They have the majority viewers in their cluches.

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