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Balika Vadhu 11th November 2013 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 11th November 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 11th November 2013 Written Update


Anandi enters Sanchi’s kop bhavan , she bhadkofies how dare you come here? Anandi replies

I have come to give a letter for you from management college, Sanchi angrily retorts now even my letters are being read by others …A says papa ji opened n read it … She expains her to adapt herself for a. New fresh life and gives her example , she even says even J moved.on his life and same with me too but it is of no use on S

She angrily asks her to leave alone

Jaitsar :

G cuming down and Mannu places with her white coat.she says if u will continue ur mischief then I can’t do.mah duty, Dadi said n Gehna assure her that they will take gud care of M … and she don’t wan her Dr sa to scold her on her 1st day … Ganga.

Folds hands in front of Devi maa


All shekars are waiting for Breakfast , A cums, she asks them to guess what special dish she had made for them, Shiv guesses it its baingan ka bharta which is correct and A is amazed …
Ira says after Anup’s demise I never made it as he loved it v much and then they talk about a hospital which is revealed to be Shiv’s birth place and Shiv plays chupam chupai with them (asking them to accompany him to a specified. Place where a surprise is waiting for them … every body are curious


J asks whether G came or not … then G makes her entry there in total
Filmy ishtyle, J is latoo on her by seeing her. In nurse’s uniform . The. Both the life savers apply medicine to a child patient’s leg, he screams In pain . Jagan exchanges smiles , 2 nurses are seeing this
The younger one asks Dr saab seems to be too caring for that nurse . The senior one explains its good only after all they r pati patni … d other one says but A MD married a nurse and what shud I address her? She assures.Her about G’s humbleness

Anaath ashram:

All the shekars come out of the gaadi , they enter it where all r in

Anand seeing the kids playing joyfully , Sanchi pakpakaos about the condition of the children , Anandi introuduces About the girl whom they found in garbage … Shekars feel for the girl . The song ” aashaye” plays in BG , dadu n alok play cricket with them while the ladies serve food to other children . They have real fun indeed …


Makan kaka all set to chamkofy the Haveli , he leaves for a sec, M
Sees the acid bottle which Mk had a while ago, h. gulps down sum of it … luckily Sumitra come s and yells at MK, M cries she tries to make him throw with help of MK …

Anaath ashram

Shekars discuss the life of orphans ,Ansh wants to adopt a.child , Ira

Objects but Minu shows the green signal , finally they think to adopt, all r happy expect Ira .

Voice over : An orphan’s life oa v.difficult and its indeed a noble cause to improve the life of an orphan

Precap : Sumitra hyper in hospital while having M in her goadi …
Some of the staff arrives , Sumi narrates the entire tragedy , Jagan
Cum too , G picks M n rushes to the ICU with other stuff … Sumi worriedly looks in the Room

Detail update will be added soon!

Update Credit to: nightqueen

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