Balika Vadhu 11th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 11th May 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 11th May 2013 Written Update

Sumitra gets a scary dream of Anandi. She wakes up all of a sudden. Bhairo asks her what happened. she tells him about the scary dream and no one helped Anandi. She was alone.. Shiv wasn’t with her either. Bhairo calms her down. He says we didn’t talk with her after she left.. thats why we are worrying. But Shiv is with her.. nothing bad can happen. Sumitra says but she should have called at least. Bhairo says just think she is in Udhaipur only. Shiv takes care of her more than us.. nothing will happen. Sumitra says, you’re right.. shiv will never leave anandi alone.

Anandi is recalling Shiv’s words when they were praying before leaving.. that he will run away that far that Anandi won’t be able to find him. Anandi says, I never imagined in dream that you will really go far away.

Was it God’s sign? Why I didn’t stop. Anandi prays and says, if I made a mistake, then punish me.. don’t punish Shiv. Please bring him back to me.

It’s morning now and Anandi is still sitting beside Krishna’s idol. She dials Shiv’s number, but phone is switched off. She then calls police inspector and asks him if any news. Inspector says, still no news. She asks him to inform her right away if they find any news. Anandi cannot wait any longer and decides to go and search on her own. She says, there is no point of Anandi living if Shiv is not there. She goes out and finds Abdul there. She asks him, you were here whole night? Didn’t go back home? Abdul says, Abdul will go home only after we find sirji. They start searching Shiv. They are in car and Anandi recalling her and Shiv’s kashmir happy moments so far with Noor-e-khuda song in the background. She gets off the car and asks everyone if they saw Shiv. No one is recognizing. She sits down in a disappointment.. looks at Shiv’s photo and asks, where are you Shiv? A lady comes and asks her what happened. She shows photo and asks if she saw him. Lady says yes.. I saw him here.. some goons kidnapped him and took him with them. Anandi follows that path and sees a lady. She now asks her. Lady says, this ‘shitan’? No I didn’t see him. Anandi asks, then why did you call him evil? Lady says, I didn’t see him, but I know him. This evil Vikram has destroyed so many girls’ lives. Anandi says, he is not Vikram. he is Shiv. We came from Udhaipur. Lady says, you’re his wife that is why lying with so ease. Anandi asks her to tell her where she saw him. Lady refuses.. but when Anandi says, i am like your daughter.. please tell me. Lady stops and says, if you are not lying, then the wrong thing is going to happen with him there. The lady is taking Anandi there, but says, you can’t come like this (referring to her dress).

Sanchi is looking at Jagya’s photos in her mobile. She says, today this will be my wallpaper. She says, don’t worry.. I will keep this close to my heart. Daddu comes and asks her for some number. She gives a wrong number.. so Daddu decides to look at the number himself. He takes the phone and notes down the number, but doesn’t see the wallpaper. Sanchi is relived, but says it was fun.. right Doctor Jagdish?

Shiv is almost unconscious and some goons are making him marry a girl forcefully, keeping gun on his head. Anandi comes and screams Shiv. Shiv looks at her, but can’t say anything as he is almost unconscious. She runs to him, but they block her. One guy says, this is the same girl with whom Vikram came here. Anandi says, he is shiv.. my husband. Girl’s father says, he is Vikram.. I have proof. He shows his photo with that girl. Shiv is in moustache n looks very different in this picture. The father says, he destroyed my daughter’s life. He acted as if he loves her and after he had enough of her, he ran away. We were searching for him and finally found him 2 days ago and started keeping an eye on him. Anandi tries to explain them that he is her husband. As she argues loudly, some people run in with guns. Girl’s father asks them to put the guns down.

Anandi calms herself down says, fine.. I agree what you’re saying that he is Vikram.. an evil who has destroyed so many girls’ lives. But this girl.. is your daughter, right? Who became half mad because of him.. and today you’re making her marrying with the same guy? To make her completely mad? You’re making mistake.. you’re destroying your daughter’s life like this. The father says, I have no other option.. my daughter is pregnant and Vikram is father of that child. If I don’t make my daughter maarry him, then who will she marry to? I won’t spare this guy. Anandi says, you think he will be a good husband after marriage? No. You’re destroying your daughter’s life.. and with her.. her child’s too. If he is really Vikram, then I still think this is not the solution.

Precap: Anandi now shows her and Shiv’s wedding photos to them and says, he’s been in Udhaipur since many months, and after I met him, he never left the town. They say, its possible that he also betrayed you. Shiv has regained somewhat consciousness. He tells them, I showed you my ID. Some guys say, you can make fake ID too and tell the father, we think that this girl is also with him in his plans.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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