Balika Vadhu 11th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 11th March 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 11th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Anandi and her family attending the school Annual function. Anandi is the chief guest of the function. Function starts with the kids singing Hum Honge Kamiyab……….. then Bharat Natyam performance. Next comes Amol’s performance with his friends. Amol and his friends perform on the song Itni Si Hasi Itni Si Khushi. Everyone sit on the wheel chair and perform. Ira is happy seeing Amol happy. Anandi smiles. Anandi gets emotional seeing him performed. everyone give standing ovation to Amol and applauds for him. Anandi says, it was a gift from his friends. They chose this dance form. She goes on the stage and hugs him emotionally with happiness. Everyone look on happily.

Ganga is lost in thoughts. Mannu shows her drawing. Ganga feels happy to see the drawing.

She says, I didn’t know that you make good painting. Ganga looks at Mannu sketch and says this is not my Mannu. He seems to be weak. My Mannu is strong. Mannu says, mannu is ill. Ganga is shocked with Mannu’s reply. She assures him that nothing can happen to him and hugs him.

Dadisaa asks Jagya to call Ganga. Jagya says, Ganga asked us not to wait, she will have food later. Sumitra says, she won’t eat alone. We will eat with her. Ganga comes and says we will eat together like always. Nothing will change. Nothing bad can happen with us. Nothing will happen to our Mannu. He will be alright. Why we are feeling sad and for what? She says, I left everything on God. If he has live then he will live else he will….He will live happily with us. She tells Dadisaa that she won’t cry. She says, I will fight with my luck. I am saying right naa. Jagya says, you are right. We will not be sad and won’t cry. We will be happy for Mannu. Dadisaa says, we all are with you. We will live happily with Mannu.

Gehna’s mom comes and praises Ganga for handling the situation with patience. She says, I will pray for Ganga and Mannu. Dadisaa asks about her family. She says, she is finding a groom for Kanchan. Dadisaa tells Sumitra that someone is searching for a bride for her son. Sumitra tells about the marriage proposal and praises the boy. Gehna’s mom asks Dadisaa to speak to them about Kanchan’s alliance. Dadisaa says okay. She tells Sumitra that we will live like always to give strength to Ganga. Someone comes and asks Shekhar, did you think about Saachi’s marriage? She asks Ira to get Saachi married. Daddu says, we didn’t think about it. She says, being the neighbour I told my concern. She asks her to decide and let her know as she has some good alliance for Saachi. Daddu says, even Kalyani ji suggested it after Jagya incident.

Ira says, we have to give her some time so that she forgets the trauma. Anoop says, we have to talk to Saachi. Saachi brings tea for everyone. Ira is happy. She says, we have to marry you. Saachi says, I can’t think of marriage. I am happy and relaxed with my family. Don’t change anything. Ira signs in a yes. Anandi says, she will talk to Saachi about it.

Anandi tells Saachi that every guy is not like Saurabh. Don’t lose the hope because of one incident. she says, someone is made for you who can live with you all your life. Saachi says, I am ready but I have a condition.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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