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Balika Vadhu 11th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kundan telling Nandini that he will do all that with her and will break her ego and take revenge, since nobody is here to stop me. Nandini gets scared and breaks vase on his head and runs. Kundan is unhurt and tells that he is very much relieved to see her scared and in pain. He says my motive is not to get you, but to make you suffer every moment then you will only end your life. Nandini runs to her room and thinks to call Krish. Kundan knocks on the door and asks her to open door, else he will break the door. He asks do you want your husband to get hurt. Krish tells Nurse that he got married just 2 days back, and she is taking his phone. He asks nurse to understand and says their honeymoon phase is going on. Nandini calls Krish, but nurs disconnects the call and says now you

will know what is the affects of not following the rules. He bends down on his knees and asks her to let him call her once. Nurse melts down and asks Krish to call his wife fast, and then come there.

Krish calls Nandini, but her phone is switched off. Krish calls at landline number, but it is not picked by anyone. He calls Karuna then and wonders why they are not picking the call. Kundan comes inside the room breaking the door. Nandini says how can you misbehave with me. I am your son’s wife. Kundan says he is not my son, but just my puppet. This was my trick to trap you, and have chosen my mohra’s very wisely. This time, nobody can stop me from ruining your life. Nandini says only time will tell who will ruin whose life and sprays pepper spray in his eyes, and runs from there. Kundan follows her and asks to stop. Nandini runs outside. Kundan thinks she is running uselessly, she doesn’t know that she has to return here for Krish. Nandini comes on road and thinks she have to go to her home, and thinks Krish might be busy in emergency. Krish is coming in his car and sees a lady signing for a lift, as he couldn’t see her face in darkness. He thinks she is asking lift. Just then an auto stops near her and the driver offers to give lift. Krish couldn’t see her face.

Nandini sits in auto and goes. Krish goes home. Nandini goes to Mr. Shekhawat’s house. Krish comes home and calls Nandini. Kundan asks Krish to come with him and takes him to Karuna’s room. Nandini comes to Mr. Shekhawat’s house. Mr. Shekhawat and Jamuna are shocked to see her at late night. Krish calls Karuna and asks if she is fine? Kundan asks Krish to check Karuna. Krish sprinkles water on her face. Karuna wakes up and says she don’t know what happened? Krish says we shall let her rest. Krish asks Kundan, why did you let Nandini go out. He says Nandini didn’t listen to me once, she gave injection to Karuna and left. He says Nandini is angry with me, as I scolded her for making spicy food. He apologizes to Krish. Krish says don’t apologize. Kundan says I don’t care about my respect, but care for this house’s respect. She went from here bare foot. He asks don’t I have a right to scold her and goes to see Karuna. Krish looks on angry.

Jamuna gives her water and asks her to tell what happened? She asks if everything is alright. Mr. Shekhawat asks her to tell and is worried. Jamuna asks him to call Krish. Nandini says nobody will call Krish. She asks him to have faith and says she will make everything fine. Jamuna says if you don’t want to tell us, then it is okay and asks where is Krish? Just then she gets Krish’s call. Nandini picks the call. Krish scolds her and calls her careless about his mum. He says I will never forgive you for today and disconnects the call. Nandini cries and runs to her room. Jamuna and Mr. Shekhawat gets tensed. Naina Bawre plays…………..

Nandini cries in her room and thinks about krish’s words that he will keep her happy and make her smile always. Krish also thinks about her and is sad.

Kundan tells Krish that he will go and bring Nandini back. Karuna says you will not go and asks Krish to go. Krish comes to Nandini and asks her to come home. Nandini says she wants to talk to him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. All is good and fine. The only thing that has left me thinking is… where on earth are Jagya and Ganga??!!! This is really absurd. They could at least show that they somehow died. And that Manu and Abhi also died because..well.. dying was in fashion and they were feeling left out or something.

    1. good questions…

      first season directors are preplaned but current directors are instant planners because they don’t know upcoming story…just they are dragging the previous story with blind mannerand with out jagya and ganga…

      somestimes it looks funny…story turning point charecters puja and puja mother vanished…
      directors not reaveled about shiva nikethan…, badehvli…??
      what about shiva nikethan ?? puja and mannu love story also finished with first season??
      here we have many questions but current story only dragging without proper subject…

      please excuse me if i hurts you with my message..


    why directors unite nandini with anandi..?
    why directors killed anandi role…?
    it is not necessary to kill one person and highlate some other person…
    and draging continous with current story line…
    please give respect to woman..please…
    don’t drag the serial with haresment and molesting actions or scenes….it’s not give the good message to society….
    please make the story with positive attitude…

  3. This is the most ludicrous plot. Kundan has a son who is old enough to marry Nandini?? Kundan was only a few years older than her. If Kundan is her father-in-law, I want to see Kamli back in the story somehow. How did the writers make it so that Nandini completely forgot abour Kamli and Pushkar in addition to all the Haveli folks? What is wrong with the writers? This show is so uninteresting now because of all holes in the story. The characters are boring and annoying.

    1. Krish is kundan’s step son not real son.

  4. In a way both Krish n nandini r son-mother
    i guess,ds is d most disgusting thing
    moreover, they r ruining Avinash aka dr.amits character
    n wht abt Shivam???????????
    Disgusting show.who watches ds?

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