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Balika Vadhu 11th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Disa requesting Kamli to save Nimboli. Kamli cries and agrees to her sayings. Mannu tells Anandi that the truth is not going from his mind. Anandi explains to him that Ganga is not wrong and had accepted Jagya when he accepted you with her. Mannu says he saw Ganga’s other behavior too, and tells that she was rude to you when you left the haveli. Anandi tells that Ganga is not bad and had done nothing wrong with anyone. Shivam comes and tells Mannu that the bed is ready for him to sleep. Mannu asks what? Shivam tells that he will sleep in Anandi’s room and asks him to sleep in his room. Mannu thinks Anandi is very good and Ganga behaved badly with her. He recalls meeting with Ratan Singh and his death in his sleep. He shouts Bapusaa.

Anandi comes there and asks him

to try to sleep. Mannu tells that he saw Bapusaa. Harki and Nimboli come Kamli’s room and see her staring at the tree through the window. Kamli recalls Gopal sitting on the tree and looking at her. Harki tells Kamli that she brought her wedding dress. Disa tells that she will get her ready and takes the dress. Harki leaves. Nimboli asks Kamli, why she is marrying mad guy? Disa says atleast she will leave from this hell. You wants her to stay peacefully naa. Nimboli cries.

Anandi brings milk glass for Mannu and sees him missing from room. She gets tensed and looks everywhere.

Kundan makes the arrangements for Kamli’s marriage. Akhiraj tells him that he wants this marriage to happen peacefully and don’t want to inform everyone. Anandi and Shivam see Mannu sitting there. Kundan tells Akhiraj that barati has come and sees only one car. Akhiraj greets them. Pushkar’s dad says he didn’t bring the barati. Akhiraj asks Kundan to make Pushkar wear the garland. Pushkar’s dad refuses. His wife says let Pushkar wear the garland. Kundan makes him wear the garland. Pushkar gets happy. His dad asks them to perform the marriage soon.

Mannu tells Anandi that he was feeling lonely. Anandi tells we shall leave for haveli now and asks him to come with her. Mannu thinks that house is badi haveli for me, and not my house. Pushkar sits for marriage. His mum asks him to do the rituals as ask by Pandit ji. Kamli comes. His mum tells that your wife has come. Pushkar gets happy and tells my wife has come. Akhiraj pretends to be happy. Pandit ji starts reciting the mantras. Kamli recalls Gopal’s promise that they will live together and if not then die together. She recalls Disa’s request.

Akhiraj gives 100 tolas gold to Pushkar’s dad. Pushkar’s dad threatens to stop the marriage. After Pushkar and Kamli gets married, and is about to go, but Akhiraj stops Kamli and asks her to come back home.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Is akhiraj mad or what?? He forced kamli to get married… After marriage why he is stopping her…..?

  2. Actually this balika vadhu director is going mad. Moving this serial in stupid way. Dragging too much, I wish the rating of balika vadhu should go down drastically.

    1. But the actors and actress r Good… All if them r doing a good job…. That’s y still people are watching this stupid story…

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