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Balika Vadhu 11th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Disa thinking she has to stop Nimboli coming infront of Anandi. Nimboli is seen playing with Pampodi. Nimboli sees some boys’ playing and insists to play with them. The boys challenges her to play. Pampodi asks her to show the boys that she can play. Jagya enquires about the temple from the villagers. Nimboli plays the game. Disa comes running there. Pampodi and Nimboli smiles. She shouts that they have won. Disa sees Jagya’s car coming towards there and is shocked. Jagya rings the horn as Nimboli is seen playing infront of car. Jagya gets down the car. Disa covers her head with Pallu and takes Nimboli from there, before Jagya could see her face. Disa asks her to come home. Pampodi says let her play. Disa takes her. Jagya, Anandi and Ganga go from there.


Harki and newly weds reach the Devimaa temple. Kundan says he recalls coming here before. Akhiraj recalls Anandi running towards his car pleading him to return her daughter. Akhiraj says he didn’t know and asks them to come. Kundan tries to hold Urmila’s hand, while she doesn’t let him touch. Kundan says we have came here for sure. Akhiraj is haunted by the past and recalls Anandi crying. Kundan says I am sure that we came here before. Akhiraj shouts at him. Urmila’s jewellery falls down from her bag and she shouts. Kundan and Harki pick it up. Akhiraj scolds Harki for not keeping the stuff in the house. Urmila screams and make an issue, blaming Harki. Akhiraj asks her to calm down. Kundan says I have kept your jewellery in your bag. Urmila asks them to leave her at her Bapu’s house. Akhiraj scolds her.

Mannu comes to jalebi shop. The seller tells that you are the same boy who came in the morning. Mannu says he left for some important work. The seller gives jalebis and kachori. Mannu thanks him and sees Jagya’s car coming there. He hides. Jagya shows the photo to the villagers and try to enquire. Ganga says we shall enquire with the pandit ji. Anandi asks the Pandit ji, who says he didn’t perform the wedding. Mannu hears them silently. Jagya shows the pic. Pandit ji says I didn’t get them marred. He calls other Pandit and shows the photo. The other Pandit refuse to see the pic. The pandit ji says this marriage is happened here, but don’t know why performed the wedding. Ganga gets angry and tells that her husband is a MLA. She threatens them. Other Pandit ji accepts to have got them married. Anandi asks about their whereabouts. He tells they stay in Dharmshala.

Harki asks Kundan and Urmila to pray infront of God. Akhiraj asks Kundan to take Urmila for seeing temple. Mannu rushes to Dharmshala and packs their stuff fastly. Pooja asks what happened? He informs that they have to leave. Pooja is shocked.

Kundan tries talking to Urmi, but she seems uninterested and asks him to stay away from her. Kundan gets irked. A woman is seen smiling looking at him. Kundan looks at Urmila and gets tensed.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Gulcheher Phillips

    When is Akhiraj going to be caught and punished? You are not showing Indian public good message.

  2. The bad is always punished in this serial, but this time it’s taking to long to punish the wrong doers and bring nimboli to anandi, stretching it way too much.

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