Balika Vadhu 11th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 11th February 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 11th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Anandi and Payal rushing to Saachi’s help. Shiv reaches the place and gets shocked seeing her condition. They ask her to open the eyes but Saachi couldn’t open her eyes because of the tablet which Saurabh mixed in her drink. Shiv tells Anandi that she has been given a strong sedative and says we shall take her urgently to the hospital. They get down the stairs and eyes everyone angrily. Shiv and Anandi take Saachi with them to the hospital. Ankita calls Saurabh and tells about Anandi and Shiv coming there. Ankita says, Saachi’s brother is very angry. Saurabh says, I have many connections. Ankita asks him not to come in anyone’s eyes. Saurabh looks at the video recording and thinks it is a safety guard for him. Anandi and Shiv drop Payal to her home.

Anandi looks at Saachi’s dress and thinks why her top is upside down. She gets tears. Anandi prays to Kanha ji for Saachi. Ira calls Anandi and asks, where are you? Anandi says, I am with Shiv. Shiv takes the call and says we will come home soon. They bring Saachi to the hospital. Anandi asks the doctor to check Saachi’s carefully.

Doctor comes out and tells that Saachi was physically intimate with some boy. She have physical relations. Anandi and Shiv and Shocked. Shiv asks, did you understand what are you saying? Doctor says, it is truth. We have taken her blood samples for testing her present unconsciousness. Shiv says, Saachi can’t do this. Anandi says, my heart is saying that she can’t do it. She can’t do it if she was in her senses. Surely, someone might have betrayed her and took advantage of her. Alok calls Shiv and asks him to get Meetha Pan for them. Shiv couldn’t speak and gives the call to Anandi. Anandi asks him to come to the hospital. Alok asks, what happened? Both of you are fine naa….Anandi takes Saachi’s name.

Basant gets Lac bangles for Gehna. Gehna gets happy. Basant makes her wear the bangles. They have a cute moment. Basant says, you was with me all the while…They smile.

Anandi tells Ira that Saachi was in unconsciousness state when they search for her in the farm house’s room. We took her to the hospital and Doctor confirmed that Saachi was with someone……Ira and Alok are disgusted and shattered. Ira breaks down and cries miserably. Shiv consoles Alok.

Saachi comes into her senses and asks why I am here? Ira says, you bring us here. You betrayed us all the time and that’s why we are here. She asks, didn’t you think about your family’s respect? She asks her to look at her father and brother. She says, no one ashamed us before. Saachi says, I didn’t know. I didn’t have any drink. Ira says, it was enough to give yourself to somebody. How can you spend a night with someone. Saachi says, what are you saying? Ira asks, why you crossed your limits. Didn’t I teach you about your limits and respects. You had promised me. Saachi is shocked.Anandi tells Ira that Saachi seems to be unaware and innocent of the incident. Ira says, how can it be possible? Shiv says, it is possible by the sedatives. He tells about some cases where girls get raped by inducing sedatives. Ira and Alok cries miserably. Saachi thinks about Ira’s words.


Doctor confirms that the sedatives was found in Saachi’s blood samples. Saachi calls Saurabh and threatens him to get arrested.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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