Balika Vadhu 11th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 11th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Mannu talking on phone with Pooja and helps her in studies. Ganga comes and disconnects the call. She says you didn’t tell me whether Suraj like Papad. Mannu says he liked it. Why did you disconnected the call? I was talking. Pooja calls again. Ganga disconnects again and asks him to remember whether he got it made for Suraj or someone else. Mannu says he got that Papad ki Churi for Pooja. He tells that he felt strange to take Pooja’s name and that’s why lied. Ganga asks him not to lie again, and don’t apologize if you lie again. She says you have grown up and knows about your betterment.

Nimboli tells Disa about her Devi Avatar and says Maa and Bapu were folding hands and sitting infront of you. She says Devi said that unmarried girl is insulted here in the

house. Disa asks did Devi say that. Nimboli says yes and asks why did she say that and for whom? Disa says we have two unmarried girls, one Kamli and second you. She asks whether Kundan forced you anytime. Nimboli tells that Kundan used to insult her often and tells about yesterday’s incident where Kundan holds her hand and stares her. Disa gets shocked. She closes the door and takes out knife from the cupboard. Nimboli asks why you are giving this. Disa says it is for your protection. She explains that human doesn’t have anything to protect themselves that’s why they needed the arms. Nimboli says why do I need it. Disa asks her to keep it always. She says if any man or animal attack her then she shall attack him back. Nimboli keeps it. Disa asks her not to say to anyone.

Pooja tells Vidya that Mannu made Papad ki churi for her. Vidya says he is caring for you. Anandi is talking to Nidhi. Pooja and Vidya make fun of her. Nidhi hears them and wonders why they were laughing on her. Later Anandi comes to Nidhi and asks what you are thinking. Nidhi says she was thinking about her parents. Anandi tells that relation between a mother and a child is pure and selfless. She says your mum can’t think of you wrong. She asks her not to worry and says you will understand her. Nidhi thanks her.

Kundan comes home and thinks it is good no one saw him going to Nimboli’s room. He thinks may be everyone will forget it till morning. He comes to his room and locks it. He turns and sees Akhiraj Singh and Harki already there. He says he will open the door. Akhiraj Singh asks him to let it be. Kundan asks do you need anything. Akhiraj Singh asks where did you go? Kundan says he went to Madhav’s house to bring sanskrit’s book. Akhiraj Singh says Devi said that unmarried girl was insulted in this house and asks did you go to Nimboli’s room. Kundan says he went there to ask about his bag. Akhiraj Singh starts slapping him and shows him magazine cover. Harki asks him not to beat her son.

Kundan accepts to have gone there and says she is my wife and I am her husband. I have full right on her. You people don’t allow me to go near her. She sleeps with Chagani jiji. I am not a kid. I knew about husband and wife’s relation, but you people don’t care for my pain. Akhiraj Singh and Harki are shocked to hear him talking like that. Akhiraj Singh tells that Nimboli is not your wife. We got you married being helpless. It is good for you to stay far from her. Akhiraj Singh tells Harki to do something, if Nimboli gets pregnant then they have to brought her kids as well. Kundan cries.

Harki tells Kundan to forget Nimboli and says she is not equal to marry you. Kundan asks then why did you get me married to her. I will be alone all my life. Akhiraj Singh says I have understood your need. I will get you married to a good girl, who will take care of yours. Once Kamli gets married, I will search for your bride. He tells him to stay far from Nimboli. Harki says our Kundan will agree to Bapusaa. Kundan looks at her. Harki asks for a promise. Kundan promises. Akhiraj Singh hugs her and calls him diamond and strong. Disa hears them and thinks Nimboli got saved from Kundan because of Devi. Kundan thinks no one can stop him from going close to his wife Nimboli.

Harki asks Kamli to get ready as groom’s family is coming. She sees Nimboli hearing her and closes her in the Kothri. Nimboli pleads her not to close her and wonders how to help Kamli jiji now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I don’t understand this line: kundan comes home and thinks it is good no one saw him going to nimboli’s room…

    I can’t understand wht ur trying to say…

  2. Kundan and nimboli are good for each other

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