Balika Vadhu 10th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 10th October 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 10th October 2013 Written Update

Jagya is playing with Mannu. Ganga is making laddu and watching them. Jagya says today he can’t catch Mannu.. he has become a train.. and Jagya says that he’s tired now. Ganga says, Mannu should get a prize for it.. and feeds him the laddu. Jagya says, and my prize? Ganga forwards her hand to feed him the laddu as well, but before that Dadisa interrupts and taunts them to celebrate.. eat sweets over someone else’s sorrow.. tears. Jagya and Ganga are shocked and confused. Jagya asks what happened? Dadisa says, Anandi has to pay for what you did.. Jagya asks what happened. Dadisa says, Sanchi tried to commit suicide by cutting her wrist. Jagya and Ganga are shocked. Dadisa says, don’t show like you’re shocked. You stay busy in eating laddus.. and getting ur prize..

you have done such a good work in end. Be happy in your selfishness. Dadisa looks at Ganga now but doesn’t say anything. She then looks at Mannu and Mannu looks back with a smiling face. Dadisa leaves from there.

Sanchi is telling Ira that Jagdish will have to return to her and marry her as well. Ira says, you saw with your own eyes.. Jagdish filled Ganga’s maang. Sanchi says, he just filled her maang.. didn’t get married.. he didn’t take pheres or put mangalsutra.. so how can I believe that he’s married. Ira says in her mind, don’t betray yourself now.. remove Jagdish from your mind.. there is no hope in him coming back. Sanchi asks Ira.. jagdish will come back to me right? and marry me? Ira hugs her and consoles her.

Other side, Jagya is blaming himself. Ganga says, don’t say like that.. when you can help an outsider like me.. you can’t hurt your own family members. She now blames herself that she is bad luck.. and everything bad is happening after she came in Jagya’s life. Jagya says her not to blame herself.. it’s him who married her without asking. He tells her that his yes for Sanchi’s rishta was just for family’s happiness.. but he made mistake. He says he should have told Dadisa before taking such a big decision.. he made a big mistake now. He gets up and leaves from there. Ganga says to herself, doctor sahab realized his mistake that he should have told Dadisa before marrying.. now he will keep blaming himself.. and feel guilty from inside.. in reality the main problem is me.

Police come at hospital to take statement from Sanchi. Shiv says, she is not in that condition.. can you give us some time? Police says he understands and will come back later. Police leave. Ira asks Shiv if they have to do this.. Sanchi is already sad and she will have to say everything over and over to police.. court.. and if people find out then how Sanchi will face everyone.. whether they will find a guy who will want to marry Sanchi after finding out the truth. Alok tells Ira. let him do whatever he’s doing. Shiv says, I am also worried for Sanchi same as you.. I will try so police do their work quietly.

Jagdish is standing alone and is in deep thoughts. Ganga comes there and says, I always wanted from my heart that you don’t regret for anything.. you always stay happy. Change your decision that you’re regretting for. Jagya tries to say what are you saying? But Ganga says, let me say it.. I know I am the reason for everything that’s happening with you. There is only one way to make everything like before.. leave me alone.. I will take care of myself.. don’t worry about me.. my well wishes will always be with you and I won’t blame you at all. Jagya says, are you done? You’re telling me forget everything.. I will forget your name and everything.. but will I be able to forget that I filled your maang in front of devi ma.. and made promises to spend my entire life with you. Ganga says, you said that you did mistake by not telling Dadisa.. you tell what other way is solve everything? Jagya says, you’re getting me wrong.. I am not regretting to marry you.. I was talking about breaking rishta with Sanchi.. I made mistake by breaking rishta all of a sudden by going to Udhaipur. He touches her cheek and says, I meant to say that.. now you understood? Ganga smiles.

Police come back at the hospital. The cop asks Anandi, you heard scream and you went to her room? Anandi says, I didn’t hear her scream.. I heard something falling down and I went there. The cop asks more questions to Anandi. Daddu then says, we didn’t get to notice anything because of the incident.. we just put a cloth on her wrist and brought her here. The cop asks if any stress with college.. any love affair. Meenu says, she was engaged. The cop asks if this engagement was done with her approval.. if anything was bothering her.. Shiv says, she was stressed a lot.. the cop asks.. stressed or depressed? Ira says, the guy broke engagement with Sanchi because of another woman. She takes Jagya’s name.

In his room, Jagya is still recalling Dadisa’s harsh words. Ganga comes and asks, you’re still thinking about what Dadisa said? Jagya says, Sanchi tried to commit suicide because of me.. I am very upset knowing this. I can’t remove that from my mind. Ganga says, everything will be fine with time.. and asks him to relax. Jagya says, I can’t.. someone attempted a suicide because of me.. I can’t relax .. at least until I find out that Sanchi is out of danger. How will I find that out? I can’t go there.. can’t call Anandi either. Ganga says, you can’t go, but bapusa can go.. I am sure he must be going there. Jagya says he will call Bhairo.

At Badi Haveli, everyone is worried thinking about Sanchi. Whether she regained consciousness or no. Dadisa says, if anything happened to her, then we will be blamed for it. May devi maa protect her. I won’t be able to take this sin on me at this age. Sumi says, even if she gets saved, then will that do anything? The pain that we gave them.. won’t go away that easily… at least int his life. Basant asks Bhairo whether it will be right to call Shiv. Bhairo says, I don’t think anyone wants to talk to us from there. And this is not something that can be talked over the phone. Dadisa says, then what can be done? we just can’t sit here. Bhairo receives a call from Jagya. He goes on side to talk.

Jagya says, Dadisa came here while ago and she told me that.. It’s true that I am responsible for Sanchi’s condition.. I can’t do anything about it.. I just want to know how’s her condition now. If I call Anandi then it may create more problems. I was thinking if you could go there. With rishta with that family… it’s our duty as humanity. Bhairo says, I will see what can be done. Ganga puts her hand on jagya’s hand to console him.

Bhairo tells others that they should go to Udhaipur. Just By them saying, relationships can’t end like this. Basant says, I think you and Dadisa should go there. Sumi says, I will also come. Dadisa tells her to stay at home.. only her and Bhairo will go. Gehna suggests they should leave in the morning.. Bhairo says it will be too late.. we will have to leave now only. Bhairo and Dadisa leave. Screen freezes on Sumi’s face.

Voiceover: Even after some relationships end, you still have to fulfill your responsibility.. no matter if it creates more misunderstandings.

Precap: Bhairo and Dadisa are in the hospital now. Dadisa prays for Sanchi. Ira says, if you really want her to get fine, then there is one way. Jagya just filled Ganga’s maang.. he didn’t marry her. Make Jagya-Sanchi’s rishta happen.. get them married. Dadisa says, if it was in my control, then I wouldn’t wait even for a second.. but it’s too late now. Jagya already married Ganga. Shekhars are shocked.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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