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Balika Vadhu 10th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Jagya and Ganga coming to Nandu. Ganga asks him to have breakfast. Nandu refuses to eat as he is sad. Ganga says it won’t look good if I take full plate. Nandu asks her to go. Ganga says ok. She tells him that once Mannu don’t want to eat and stayed unhappy, but when she got married to Jagya then Mannu got happy as he got love from Jagya. Nandu says you means that there is nothing wrong with step dad. Ganga says they were happy now as Mannu plays with Jagya and spends as much time as possible. Nandu tells her that he heard Jagya talking to Niranjan Chachu. Ganga explains to him that they feel Gehna shall marry Niranjan for their happiness.

Nandu asks why maa needs to marry Niranjan. Jagya explains to him that Gehna needs a lifepartner with whom she can

feel happiness and smile. Nandu asks will my maa becomes like before if she gets married. Jagya says yes. Nandu says I saw mom crying all night and don’t want you people to force her. Dadisaa and Gehna comes. Dadisaa informs Nandu that your maa agreed with her wish. Nandu asks will you be happy marrying Niranjan Chachu. Gehna says yes. Nandu gets teary eyed. Gehna says no one forced me. I will be happy if you are happy. Nandu hugs Gehna and cries. Everyone smiles.

Vivek tells Saachi that he have a good news and informs that a big and reputed builder wished to hire him as a legal advisor. Saachi says it is a good opportunity and congrats him. She talks about Mittal and says he asked me about you. I told him that you takes all cases. Vivek says it means you said that I don’t have any speciality and can’t handle your company’s big issues. He asks when did you take interest in my career. They start arguing loudly.

Vivek says why will you wait as you earns double than me. Saachi asks him not to talk personal things in public view and tries to go. Vivek holds her hand and says I am not successful in my career as I didn’t use any cheap short cut in my career. Saachi says I reached there with my hardwork and dedication. Vivek says I feel you are dedicated to someone else. Saachi thanks him for raising a question on her character and leaves.

Dadisaa tells Jagya that she felt happiness as Nandu agreed to accept Niranjan. She feels relieved. Jagya asks her not to worry. Dadisaa asks what did Niranjan say? Jagya says Niranjan is a good guy. He wants to talk to Gehna before marriage preparations start. Dadisaa says it is a good thing.

Anandi helps Amol in his homework. His pencil falls down. Amol asks Anandi to pick his pencil. Anandi asks him to try and pick it. Amol says I will fall down, but Anandi insists. Amol picks it with much difficulty. Anandi appreciates him and asks him to do exercises. Amol says I feel pain while exercising. Anandi hugs him and thinks you will walk with your legs.

Niranjan recalls the happenings and gets worried. Nandu comes and hugs him. Niranjan gets surprised. He asks are you fine. Nandu says I am fine as you are going to become my Bapusaa. Niranjan says I am happy too. Nandu says I am really happy. Niranjan says I will talk to Gehna ji once. Nandu says I already talked to her and she agreed happily. Niranjan insists to talk to her. Nandu gives him permission. Nandu asks him to come and have food. He holds his hand signing him to come.

Anoop talks to a customer about his flat. Customer asks him to lower the rate. Anoop informs them that it is brand new. Customer asks him to adjust with price and says I am ready to give you token amount. Meenu looks on. Anoop takes it happily. Customers leave the place. Anoop looks at 5 lakhs amount cheque. Meenu looks sad. Anoop says I already quoted high and got dealer’s rate. Meenu says I was thinking this deal shall not go through as it is Papaji’s hard earned property. Ira said that Alok Bhaiyya didn’t see the will. Anoop says aren’t you happy that we are starting our new life. Meenu says I am happy with my life. What is the need to start new life. Anoop says he wants to start and says it doesn’t matter if you support me or not. Meenu looks shocked.

Anoop informs Subhadra that he will get the full payment soon of the sold flat. Subhadra congrats him. She asks for a gift and suggests handicraft business like Anandi does. Anoop looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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