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Balika Vadhu 10th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nandini hearing Sudha talking to Premal and asking him not to cut the call. She asks why are you crying? Sudha asks her to tell Mr. Shekhawat to return the shagun stuff, and says Premal’s parents have cancelled the wedding. Nandini is shocked and says I will talk to them. Sudha gets angry and says they didn’t tell the reason. She says she is worried about her parents’ respect. Nandini says I will talk to them. Sudha says you are the reason and asks her to go. Nandini goes. Sudha closes the door. Nandini sees Mr. Shekhawat showing chain to his wife, and thinks she will talk to them later. Krish brings his stuff. Nandini asks him to stay far from him. Krish says where I will stay? Nandini says you can sleep anywhere in the house. Krish says okay. Nandini goes. She thinks what

is her problem? She gets worried for Sudha and thinks what is going on in her mind. Later nandini is sleeping in her room and recalls about Sudha’s worries. She gets restless and wakes up from sleep.

Nandini goes to Sudha’s room and knocks on the door. She gets tensed as Sudha doesn’t open the door. She comes to hall, wakes up Krish and asks him to help her. Krish says let me sleep. Nandini says Sudha is not opening the door. Krish says come. They knock on the door. Krish says door have to break. Nandini says okay. They break open the door and gets inside to see Sudha lying unconscious on floor with rat poison in her hand.

Nandini asks what did you do Sudha? Krish says she is breathing still and says we need to flush out poison before it mixes in blood. Nandini makes Sudha drink water. She calls Amit and tells that Sudha has drank poison. Amit asks her to make Sudha drink excess water and makes her vomit. Krish presses her tummy and makes her spit poison. Nandini tells Krish that they have to take her to hospital silently. Auto driver refuses to take her to hospital and says it seems to be police case. Auto driver agrees. Nandini asks will you not come? Dhruv says he will handle mom and dad at home, and says condition 2 will break also. Nandini says okay and goes. Mr. Shekhawat and his wife comes out, holding rat poison bottle. They ask about Sudha. Krish says we need to go to hospital.

Nandini brings Sudha to hospital. Amit asks if she vomitted. Nandini says yes. Amit says I will save her and asks Nandini not to assist him as she is patient’s sister. Nandini agrees and shows faith on him. Mr. Shekhawat and his wife come. Nandini says Dr. Amit is treating her and she will be alright. She goes to meet Dr. Amit. Dr. Amit tells Nandini that Sudha is pregnant with three months. Nandini is shocked. Dr. Amit says we have to get her married soon. Nandini says Premal family have refused for marriage.

Dr. Amit asks her to find out and solve the matter. She says what should I tell to my parents. Dr. Amit asks her to solve the issue by herself. He says nobody should know that Sudha tries to commit suicide as it is a sin in law. Nandini nods. Mrs. Shekhawat prays to God and asks for Sudha’s life. Nandini comes out and says Sudha is fine. She asks her to get ready to keep fast. Mrs. Shekhawat hugs her. Nandini is still tensed. She asks her to save her tears for Sudha’s marriage and asks her to have faith on her. She goes to meet Sudha. Sudha is still unconscious. Her mum and dad cries looking at her condition. Nandini asks them to take care and not cry. She says we have to become Sudha’s strength and make her believe that we are with her. She says everything will be fine, believe me. Mr. Shekhawat says ok. Mr. Shekhawat says I will talk to Premal’s family. Nandini says you will not call them and asks them to go home and makes arrangements for shagun. Mr. Shekhawat is doubtful about the alliance. Nandini asks him to believe on her.

Police Inspector comes to Mr. Shekhawat’s house and asks about Krish. Krish says I hid the truth about you and don’t want it to come infront of you. Everyone is stunned.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. How can Nandini amd amit can cheat Premal and his parents hiding Sudha’s truth?

  2. I feel they both think that the baby is Premal’s

  3. truth about u and did not want it to come in front of u???
    i did not get that

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