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Balika Vadhu 10th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harki coming to meet Akhiraj. Akhiraj asks why did you come to meet me. Harki says I came here after Deenu went. Akhiraj asks why did you come here? Harki removes blanket. Akhiraj is stunned to see her in colored clothes. Harki says so much time have passed and you didn’t blessed me. Akhiraj hugs her. Harki cries. Akhiraj says my blessings are with you for forever. He says I will give you something today. He gives her a bundle of notes. Harki asks if this money is for me. Akhiraj says this is for you and Kundan and says he will be happy. Kamli says he will be happy.

Jagya and Dr. Anant do a case study of a child. Shivam and Anandi come back. Dr. Anant asks how is your sister? Shivam says she said that she will come with her Disa. He goes to talk to Abhi and Mannu.

Dr. Anant says he will go and make the arrangements for operation. Jagya asks if they met Anand maharaj. Dadisaa says he was good. She gives him vabhoot. Anandi tells Jagya that she felt strange meeting him and felt as hearing him before. Jagya says you haven’t met him before. Anandi says that is what I was thinking. Jagya asks her to rest. Harki comes to Kundan and asks what he is searching? Kundan says he is searching for 20 Rs. note. Harki says I will give you money. Kundan says don’t give me change.

Harki gives him thousands of rupees and asks him to buy stuff for himself. Kundan gets happy and goes. Harki thinks she can’t lie more. Kundan buys googles at a shop. Kamli sees him holding shopping and paying the money. She gets doubtful and wonders from where did he get the money. Kundan comes home and shows the things which he had purchased. Harki praises him. Kamli comes there and asks from where did he get the money for shopping all these stuff. Harki gets tensed and thinks if Kundan tells her that she has given money to him.
Kundan says he has earned this money and says he don’t want her money. Harki asks her to go.

Pushkar writes hindi alphabets. Nimboli comes and asks what he is doing? Pushkar says he will become a big name one day. Nimboli reads it and says you have written Kamli’s name. She asks him to write Nimboli. Kamli and Mangla hears them. Nimboli writes Pushkar’s name. Kamli gets emotional and happy seeing him getting fine. Mangla tells Kamli that Pushkar is getting fine. Kamli says you said right, pushkar needs treatment too along with care and love. Nimboli is seen playing. She gets Anandi’s call and picks the call. She says I was missing you. Anandi says I missed you too and thought to ask you if you are studying there. Nimboli says I learn daily and make Pushkar and my doll read it. Anandi asks her to bring doll here. Nimboli says I miss you and jaitsar. She says I want to return, but maa said that we will not return to Jaitsar, never. Anandi is shocked.

Kamli and Pushkar comes to Jagya’s hospital. Dr. Anant comes to his cabin. Kamli greets him and says she brought Pushkar for his treatment. Pushkar tells him that he wants to go to washroom. Dr. Anant asks watchman to take Pushkar to washroom and bring him back. Pushkar thanks him. Harki apologizes to him. Anant says it is okay and asks about Nimboli. Kamli says she is fine and used to ask when we will go back to Jaitsar, but what mangla will do as haveli people haven’t accepted her. Dr. Anant asks what you are saying?

Dr. Anant tells Kamli that haveli people have accepted Nimboli from their heart and can give life to her. He says they have tried to make her feel good, how can Mangla think otherwise. Jagya comes and tells Kamli that Pushkar is good. He says I asked Pushkar to take me to my cabin, and he took her here. He says Pushkar have shown improvement and says it is a good sign. Jagya asks Dr. Anant if he came for some purpose? Dr. Anant says yes, and says he will talk later. Kamli thinks to talk to Disa soon. Anandi calls Mangla, and says I just now talked to Nimboli and she said..Mangla asks what happened? Anandi says Nimboli told me that you said that you both will never come back to Jaitsar. Mangla lies to her and says Nimboli lied to her, as she don’t want to go back to Jaitsar. She makes fake promise and says I will try to convince her. Anandi says okay, I will come and take her when she is ready. Mangla disconnects the call.

Kamli asks Mangla if the haveli people have behaved badly with Nimboli then she wouldn’t have insisted to go back to Jaitsar. Mangla asks do you think I am lying? Kamli says time have come, Nimboli should know that her real mum is Anandi. Harki listens to them and thinks it is a good thing. Mangla sees a man escaping from Harki’s room and accuses Harki for having illegitimate relation with someone. Harki tells her that he was her husband. Mangla is shocked too.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Today’s episode –
    Harkhi gives Kundan a large amount of money. Kamli is suspicious when she sees Kundan splurging his money. Anandi learns from Nimboli that Mangla is not interested in sending her to Jhalra.

    My Comments –
    I don’t like drama. Today’s drama is Anandi. When she talked to her daughter, and she truthfully told her that she want to come Jhalra, calling Mangla and believing her is a total drama.

  2. Wat happened to Anandi .. behaving lik a stupid. Wer is her sparkness. She is out of her mind to call Mangal again. Cant she suspect Mangala regarding her rudeness, phon cutting, Nimboli words and all. She cant trust her own daughter words. She blindly believes Mangala words.

  3. I think Jagya should treat Anandi before Pushkar because he is almost normal but Anandi needs treatment so that she can handle issues well. Anandi must not call back to Mangla when she heard about Mangla’s intention with Nimboli , I think she must inform this to Jagya or Dr Anants so they can find solution to this problem, but because of Anandi she is aware n plan against Anandi aka psycatric patient. Harki gave money to Kundan so Kamli is suspicous about them. Any ways interesting precap interesting episodes are lined up.

    1. Yes summi, you are absolutely right. Anandi has less brains than Pushkar. A two year old is smarter than anandi. Because of Anandi, the trps are dipping. And Akheraj Harki are trying to save the show.

  4. Its hightime the serial people actually think about clearing the Nimboli mystery as its taken much more time than any other episode. Ridiculous to believe that Anandi who is so intelligent is manipulated by Mangla for so long

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