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Balika Vadhu 10th March 2014 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 10th March 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 10th March 2014 Written Update

Hospital :-

Bhairon asks J that what the Dr said ? J tells them that the medicines are not working on M, Bhairon asks so what are they going to do ?

J tells that after examining the blood report , the Dr can prescribe something else , he is about to go to fax , DS asks so can they take M home with them ?

G shed tears with M staring at her , J assures that M will be alright soon and G stares at M too .

Jail :-

Saurabh is taken to meet his parents for only 15 minutes by an inspector .
Suman is really frustrated about it and while crying she curses Sanchi.

She laments that she never thought that she will loose both her sons in such a tragic way . His dad consoles her by saying that they should stay strong for Saurabh as he is alone at

jail but they are together .

She then offers Saurabh his favorite tiffin , he refuses and says that he lost interest in everything after his own brother turned against him .

His mum curses that we were already mad at him for doing this , his dad says eventually he left the house with our curses .

Saurabh thinks that his brother deserved it for siding with Sanchi and vows to punish them both after being freed from jail .

JaGan room :-

J finishes talking to the Dr , G asks what the Dr said , J tells he will be coming tomorrow for the examining . G breaks down while J consoles her

Police station :-

Khabra is at police station inquiring for inspector Chauhan , his mum-dad are returning , they come face to face .

They taunt Khabra did he came to meet to Saurabh ? He says no , he came for a bail formality of a client , Suman rudely tells him that he is freeing others just for fame and imprisoning his own brother .

She also tells that by giving birth to him , she committed a great blunder ,
Khabra is speechless , the inspector interrupts them by informing that inspector Chauhan is waiting for him .

Hospital :-

JaGan , M with Bhairon and DS come at the hospital , the Dr arrives too and allowes JaGan in the room as they are associated with medical , M is told to take blessings from all , DS blesses him that god shall protect him.


Hospital , BH and KB :-

The song “Gopal nanhara re” plays…

In the room , the treatment is going on with JaGan while DS , Bhairon prays in hospital temple side and Sumi-Gehna at BH .

Bhairon-DS sit on the bench while Basant roams restlessly .

A prays to lord Krishna for safety of M , the treatment goes on , Bhairon-DS and Basant waiting .

Finally JaGan come out , Bhairon asks them abuot M’s condition , J tells that 2 injections has been given to him due to which he must be feeling weak and after 2 hours he can be taken home .

Bhairon asks what the Dr has to say about it ? J tells its too early to come to any conclusion , but we are trying our best . Bhairon and DS cheer them that M will be recovered soon and even the medicines will work .

Bhaili :-

Sanchi suggests A that the heading of a banner can look better if its at top then Avanti arrives . A welcomes her , she enters with her hubby who is holding the baby girl .

A and Sanchi are glad to see it , Avanti is about to touch A’s feet who stops her . Avanti tells that she doesn’t know how to express her gratitude for her help and support .

Her hubby Gagan tells that she made him realize his mistake which he was going to commit under his family’s influence . A asks them whether he accepted Avanti because of law’s fear or he did from the heart .

Gagan tells he wont lie as at first he did it for law’s fear but after thinking about his daughter , he realized that he was at fault and truly accepted them back . A smiles and says that she knows that he is saying the truth .


BH :-

JaGan , M and the rest and find the house beautifully decorated with balloons much to their surprise . Sumi-Gehna welcome them and offer them juices with utmost cheer .

DS asks them that what’s happening here ? Then its announced that someone special to M will give a special performance . Then N dressed as a clown descends down the stairs which makes M squeak with joy .

The rest are smiling with pain on their faces , later they gladly clap for M.
N removes his wig and mask which causes M to recognize him . N asks M did he enjoyed it ? M says yes , then N makes him wear the wig and mask.

VO :-

Childhood doesn’t know any sorrows , it knows mere enjoyment in small things which is a message to acceptance .

Precap :-

School :-

A and Sanchi are seated among the audience , one of the students on stage thanks to all of them and the chief guest A for attending it and announces a dance performance by Amol and his friends .

The next moment Amol with his friends are seen performing on “Itti si hasi” song without using their legs much .

Update Credit to: nightqueen

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