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Balika Vadhu 10th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nandini saying he is not my sasur, but my kid husband. Karuna is shocked and looks at Abhayram/Kundan shockingly. Nandini says mom, I was silent just because of your health issue. Kundan says she is lying? Nandini say tell that you didn’t know that I am 7 years elder than Krish and you have influenced Krish to marry me. She asks them to tell that he has tried to molest her etc. Karuna faints. Krish comes there and tells Nandini that nothing is more important to him than his mom, not even her or their relation. He says if anything happens to my mom, then I will not leave anyone. It was Nandini’s imagination and she gets teary eyes. Kundan says you are looking beautiful. All the guests see her face. Karuna asks Nandini to smile and asks if she has any problem there. Nandini

smiles. Karuna is happy. Kundan keeps his bad eye on her and smirks. Krish comes to the hospital and greets patients. He says he will check their BP, and imagines Nandini there.

Krish asks what you are doing here? Nandini says she came here to make herself feel beautiful. Krish says shall I make you belief about your beauty and gets closer. Nandini says Dr. Amit will come. Krish says I will show marriage certificate and gets closer. Nurse pats on his shoulder and asks him not to day dream else Dr. Amit will fire him from the job. Krish pleads with her and asks to complain to Dr. Amit. Nurse asks him to decide between the punishment or Dr. Amit. Krish says no, and thinks it is Nandini’s fault to come in his dream.

Nandini is working in the kitchen and prays Krish should come there soon. She fears for the worst. Karuna comes to kitchen and sees rice boiling. She scolds Nandini and asks not to cook food if she don’t want to. Nandini apologizes and thinks to tell everything to Krish today.

Dr. Amit tells Vandana that why she is torturing his dad in their fight. Vandana asks why you are making me feel like a vamp, and says she needs him, home and a second chance. Dr. Amit says I am ready. Vandana thanks and hugs him. Vandana calls lawyer and asks him to freed Amit’s dad. Nandini waits for Krish. Kundan comes and smells the food. He stares her lustly and says there is time to have it. He says Karuna is between us, and I have thought how to stop her. Karuna comes and asks what is he talking about? Kundan is shocked. Karuna asks what? Kundan says you, and says I will keep nurse for you. Karuna says I don’t need nurse and says my bahu is a doctor. She says she came to get water. Kundan mixes chilli in the vegetable and thinks he was about this. Krish thinks he has to talk secretly with his wife and calls her. Kundan picks her phone and says Nandini is making Karuna have food.

Krish says give her message that I will be coming in the morning. Kundan gets happy and says I will give your message to Nandini. He thinks he will steal Nandini tonight and says your real husband will eat your food today. He says food is smelling good and asks Karuna to have food and take rest. Nandini says I will call Krish. Kundan says I talked to him and he said that he will be leaving soon. Karuna have the food and coughs as it was too spicy. Kundan scolds Nandini and takes Karuna to toom. Nandini gives injection to Karuna to make her feel better. She says you will be fine mom. Kundan apologizes to Nandini and says I got worried seeing Karuna health. He asks her not to do mistake again. Karuna sleep. Nandini is going to her room, but Kundan holds and stops her. Nandini asks him to leave her hand. Kundan says he got the chance today and gets closer to her. He says time has come to break your ego and take revenge. He says your thinking and fear is same. I will do that and nobody will be here to stop me. Nandini is shocked.

Nandini runs to her room and calls Krish. Kundan asks her to open the door. He enters the room and looks at her. Nandini gets scared.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Commenting here is waste of time..

  2. How disgusting. Girl older than man gets married. Girl marries childhood husband’s step son etc. This movie should be stopped as it is giving bad impression to viewers. People learn from movies. Are the directors trying to encourage people do the same? This is how people get on the wrong path and disrespect marriage!!!

  3. Again nonsense what about anandhi wish

  4. Again nonsense what about anandhi wish?

  5. bulshit

  6. What is anandi wish,what they are trying to us???
    Intentionally blames current story…

  7. Sorry…

    What is anandi lost wish, what they are trying to show us??? Guys yours comments plz..

  8. This show has already lost much of its TRP & its becoming worst day by day. It should be stopped as soon as possible

  9. This show should be closed as soon as possible

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