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Balika Vadhu 10th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kamli cutting rope tied to her hand in the night. She frees her hands and gets up from the bed. She sees Harki sleeping and opens the door. She goes to Akhiraj’s room and boils her anger. She thinks he is not my Bapu, but a killer, who loves himself and doesn’t care about other. She recalls Akhiraj punishing Gopal and taking his life. She thinks Gopal loved her so much and was even ready to give his life for her. This man took his life. She wipes her tears and thinks to get justice for Gopal. She holds knife and goes near him, recalling her happy moments with Gopal. Akhiraj is seen sleeping.

Kamli thinks to kill the devil, just like he killed Gopal. She asks herself not to have pity on him and kill him. She is about to stab the knife, just then Akhiraj turns in sleep.

Kamli stops herself. She recalls Akhiraj throwing sword on Gopal and is about to stab him, just then Harki comes and holds her hand stopping her. Kamli is shocked, while Akhiraj is still sleeping.

Harki takes her room and asks how dare you to try to kill your father. Kamli says he is not my father, but a killer. Harki says he is her sindoor and you tried to wipe it off. Kamli says he killed my Gopal mercilessly. Harki is shocked. Disa asks Harki to calm down and worries about her marriage. Kamli refuses to marry. Disa assures Harki that she will talk to Kamli and make her understand. Harki says okay and goes.

Disa asks Kamli to agree for marriage. Kamli refuses to marry Pushkar or anybody else. She says she wants to get justice for Gopal, but she couldn’t. She asks what is the need for living, so it is better if Bapusaa kills me too. Disa says you didn’t know him fully. She tells he will not kill you, but me…… I don’t care about my life, but what about Nimboli. He will kill her and take her life. She asks can you live after he kills Nimboli. Can you soul permits it to see the killing? Kamli asks what to do? Disa asks her to get married to go from the house. She tells that Akhiraj killed my husband for land, farm and money. She tells that nobody could do anything to him then also. She folds her hands and asks to save Nimboli. Kamli is helpless.

Nimboli asks why you are marrying mad guy. Disa asks you wants to see her happy naa. Nimboli cries. Kamli and Pushkar get married. Kamli recalls Akhiraj killing Gopal. Akhiraj asks her to come inside home.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Just disgusting… Huh

  2. This is just dragging too tooo much. When is anandi gonna find out that nimboli is her daughter Nandini????

  3. May b after nimboli becomes a mother herself .

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