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Balika Vadhu 10th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jagya shows marriage pic to Anandi, Ganga and Sarita. Everyone get shocked. Anandi asks how did you get this pic. Jagya says Mannu sent this pic with a message asking us not to search them and they are happy together. Ganga blames Pooja for spoiling Mannu’s future and curses her. Sarita asks her to stop cursing her daughter. She says child marriage devil has made my daughter victimised of the same. Anandi gets shaken and sits in shock. She says she has failed in her own house. She says she was opposing child marriage all her life and she couldn’t safe her own children. She couldn’t save Nandini before, and now Mannu and Pooja.

Nimboli is washing clothes. Urmila comes and gives her clothes for washing. Nimboli says but…..Urmila threatens her taking Harki’s name. Urmila says she will

wash her clothes and asks her to wash the utensils. Urmila gets angry and gets an idea to get Nimboli punished again. She calls Harki and complains to her that Nimboli asked her to wash utensils. She says she wants to talk to her father. Harki asks her to have patience. She says what you will do if Kundan’s wife washes the utensils. Nimboli says I am also his wife naa, then why she is asked to sit. Urmila acts to cry and provokes Harki against Nimboli. Harki asks Nimboli to wash all the utensils, and says Kundan’s wife is only one and that is Urmila. She asks her not to call herself as Kundan’s wife else no one is bad than her. Urmila smirks and thinks about her evil mum’s words. Nimboli says it seems I have to teach a lesson to Urmila.

Dadisaa consoles Anandi and says you didn’t do any mistake. Ganga says we can’t change the world. Mannu and Pooja didn’t think before getting married, and have challenged their life for troubles. Anandi sees the pic and recognizes Nimboli. She tells Jagya that the girl in the pic is Nimboli and she stays in Jhalra. She says she went to the temple before and tells Dadisaa that she told them about Nimboli before. A flashback is shown. Anandi tells it means they got married in Jhalra and they might be there itself. Jagya says he will inform Police. Ganga stops him and says Mannu- Pooja might leave from there. Dadisaa asks them to go and bring them. Anandi asks Jagya to take Sarita with them. Sarita asks Anandi to go with them, and says Mannu and Pooja might agree to come back home on your sayings.

Akhiraj asks Kundan to hurry up as they have to go to two temples. Nimboli gives pooja things in a bag to Harki. She takes it angrily. Urmila comes. Harki praises her. She asks Nimboli to make rotis before they come home. Disa looks at their behavior. Akhiraj, Harki, Kundan and Urmila leave for temple. Nimboli tells Disa that she will meet Pampodi and come home. Disa agrees and let her go.

Pooja tells Mannu that if Jagya will stop searching for them. Mannu says yes. Pooja says whether we will stay here all our life. Mannu says I will work hard and get a home. Pooja says she can work too and earn money. Mannu says he is a man and have to take care of house responsibility. Pooja laughs and says she is hungry. Mannu says he will bring food. Nimboli takes meethi goli and thinks she will eat with Pampo. Mannu comes running and collides with her. She recognizes him and calls him bhai saa. Mannu says he will get her meethi golis for her. Nimboli asks her about Pooja. Mannu says she is waiting for him in the dharam shala with his family. Nimboli asks his name and says she will call him Mannu Bhaisaa. She smiles and leaves. Jagya, Anandi and Ganga knock on the door, Disa opens door and is surprised to see them.

Anandi introduces herself and asks if Nimboli is here. Disa asks why? Jagya introduces him and says his son went away from them. He sent his photo with Nimboli. He says it is appearing that Nimboli attended their marriage. Ganga asks her to call Nimboli. Disa thinks that Anandi is against child marriage. She thinks Nimboli can help her, and if Anandi came to know that Nimboli is a child bride then she will take Nimboli away from me. She tells them that Nimboli is not at home and went to temple with family. Anandi says we shall go and check in the temple once, and then we can talk to Nimboli. Disa gets selfish and thinks about her love for Nimboli. She thinks she has to stop Nimboli from coming infront of Anandi.

Mannu is waiting at a shop. He sees Jagya and Anandi going in the car. Disa sees Nimboli playing outside when Anandi comes in the car.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. No epe, but its time Anandi get her nimboli

  2. Nice progress

  3. Nimboli and munnu and anandi shuld be reunited now its gone on for too long

  4. They r going to get united don’t u see know that Munnu married pooja they r going to see nimboli a lot then eventually they will eventually anandi will see Nimbolis new family and figure out that Nimboli is herher child

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