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Balika Vadhu 10th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Gulli dropping Hardik to the haveli. Hardik says, it is like a palace. Gulli says, it is haveli. Her friend asks her to come to school. Hardik asks, do you study in school. Gulli says, I will talk to you later. Hardik asks, will you meet me again. Gulli smiles and leaves. Hardik thanks her and looks smilingly at her. Ganga applies mud in Subhadra’s face and hands. She says, it is done. I will asks Gehna to make Kada. Subhadra gets annoyed and asks her to prepare Kerala dish etc. Ganga says, I will make tasty dishes for you once you gets well. Hardik comes inside the haveli and sees Subhadra.

Subhadra looks at him from top to bottom. Hardik thinks she is wearing fancy dress. Subhadra thinks he is like a joker, but looks like Hardik. Hardik asks her about Kalyani

Devi. She goes without replying. Hardik thinks, she is strange. Nandu comes. Hardik asks him about Dadisaa. Nandu calls Dadisaa. He introduces himself as Hardik, Subhadra’s grand son. He takes Dadisaa’s blessings. Dadisaa says, she didn’t tell us about you and asks him to sit. She calls Gehna and Ganga and introduces them to Hardik. Hardik gives bouquet to Dadisaa and says it is sent by Daddu. She accepts it hesitantly. Hardik then gives her gatte ki sazbi. Dadisaa gets happy. He asks about his Dadi. Subhadra says, she must be outside. Hardik says, you mean that lady is my dadi.

Shiv talks to the Police team and says we won’t let them go easily. He tells them about his plan.

Hardik comes to Subhadra and calls her Dadi. Subhadra gets up happily and takes his name. She says, am I dreaming? He kisses her. She asks, when did you come from USA? Did you parents come with you. Hardik says, we will talk slowly. She says, my grandson is like me. She asks about the bouquet. Hardik says, Daddu sent it for Dadisaa. Subhadra asks him to come. She goes without having the kada.

All the girls are dancing. Pramila tells someone that she will make the party special. They say they want something more than dance. She promises to give them more than they desires. They say, we are ready to pay you any amount.

Pramila thanks them and asks him to say the date, time and venue. They say we don’t like this dance. Pramila changes the song and the girls start dancing sensually. The men like the dance and approves them.

Hardik tells her that he won’t go back to America. Subhadra says, did you have a fight with your parents. Hardik says, I am tired of their daily fights. Subhadra asks, why they were fighting. Hardik says, their egos’ are big. I am nowhere in their part of life. Subhadra says, your dadi is still alive. She says, we will love in Udaipur. Hardik asks, what happened to you. You seems to be fine. Subhadra says, I am completely fit. Anandi, daddu and Kalyani devi have been troubling her. Hardik rests in her lap. Subhadra cares for him.

Anandi is cooking something and tastes the salt. Shiv comes and gives her salt. She asks, what are you doing here. Shiv says, I was thinking to take you to movie, but doesn’t have time. Anandi says, I can understand. Shiv says, tomorrow we have to go to see the live show then you will understand that people are not like they appear. Anandi asks, are you talking about Pramila ji. Shiv says yes.

Hardik tastes the tea and says it is ginger tea. Gehna says, yes. Hardik says, it is amazing. Subhadra says, I can’t have tea here. I forgot its taste. Hardik says, Dadi said that she is not happy with the naturopathy treatment and asks for other solution. Subhadra gets happy and blesses him. She thinks he is my blood. Dadisaa says, Anandi sent her for treatment. Jagya says, it is good treatment. Hardik says, ok as you say.

Anandi and Shiv goes somewhere. Shiv checks in the laptop. He talks to the Inspector who asks Shiv to open his laptop. Anandi asks, what is happening. Shiv asks her to see. She sees Pramila welcoming the guests.

While Pramila dancers are dancing. Anandi and Shiv come there with Police. Anandi angrily slaps Pramila.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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