Balika Vadhu 10th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 10th July 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 10th July 2013 Written Update

Mahi is recalling Aashima’s words that she lost her first love, Shiv. He says to himself, I shouldn’t have forced Aashima to come here. It will be very difficult for her to save Shiv with Anandi. He gets a call from Sanchi.

Mahi says, ya Sanchi. Sanchi says, no.. call me Mrs. Sanchi Jagdish Singh. The faster you get used to calling me with my new name, better it will be. Mahi says, what? Sanchi says, yes.. Jagya said yes for our rishta. Mahi is surprised. Sanchi asks, what happened? Aren’t you happy from this news? Mahi says, no.. I am very happy for you and he congratulates. Sanchi tells him, we are leaving for Udhaipur.. I will tell you more in details there. Mahi is lost in thoughts. Aashima comes and asks, you didn’t sleep yet? Mahi says, I was going to sleep. Got call from

Sanchi. Her rishta is finalized. Aashima asks him to congratulate her on her behalf. Mahi says, but they already left.. they will be here by morning so you can meet them. Aashima says, actually rain has stopped now so I am thinking to leave now. Can you drop me till taxi stand? Mahi says, when I brought you here, I didn’t know many things, but now I won’t force you for anything. But I won’t drop you till the taxi stand, but drop you at your destination. Aashima says, it’s okay.. I will go by taxi. Mahi says, I am not comfortable sending you alone this late. Or is it like you don’t like my company? Aashima says, it’s not like that.. and she agrees now. She tells Mahi, you’re a great guy and goes to get ready.

Jagya and Shiv are having dinner. Ganga brings food for them. Sanchi takes it away from her and serves it to Jagya. Shiv eats dhokla and asks Jagya if he tried that. He says, they are very good. Sanchi serves that to Jagya now. Shiv tells Sumitra, you make dhoklas even better than Anandi. Jagya agrees and says, they are very tasty. Sumitra says, I didn’t make them.. Ganga did. I was making everything of your choice, and I didn’t know you like dhoklas. Jagya thanks Ganga and asks, how did you know that I like dhokla? He then says, never mind… and if I knew you make such good dhokla, then I would have asked you to make them for me earlier. Ganga is going to say something, but Anandi nods her head. Ganga then says, I didn’t know you like dhokla so much.. now whenever you tell me, I will make them. Sanchi gets kind of furious and says, there won’t be any need for that. From now, I will make whatever Jagya needs. Nandu comes there with camera and asks Sanchi if he can take her and Jagya’s photo. Sanchi gets excited and goes closer to Jagya and in that, Jagya’s shirt gets dirty. Sanchi apologizes him. Jagya says, don’t worry.. Jagya goes to change his shirt as Nandu doesn’t want to take photo like that. Sanchi runs after him and tells him to wear jacket that she brought for him.

Mahi and Aashima are in car. A hindi song is playing. Aashima tries to sing it. Mahi says, wow you know hindi songs as well.. I thought you would be listening english songs only. Aashima says, my dad is a big fan of hindi songs, especially romantic songs. She then asks him, what about you? Are you romantic at heart as well? I am sure you must have 4-5 girlfriends. Mahi says, no way… there are friends who are girls, but can’t call them girlfriends. Aashima asks, why is that? Mahi says, I don’t know.. maybe side effects of being Shiv’s brother. All gorgeous girls used to be behind Shiv bhaiya. When he was bachelor, all girls used to find a reason to be around him. Aashima gets emotional. She says, I know whichever girl is with him, she says that she is luckiest girl. Mahi now changes the romantic song. He says, I like romantic songs as well, but there are side effects of it as well. They just take to different world.. so just listen them and enjoy and then forget. Aashima says, whenever Shiv used to talk about you, he used to say that you’re like his kid. But I think, Shiv never realized that now this kid has became a very good and sensitive person.. who knows how to handle different people in different situation. Mahi says, no girl praised me like this before.. maybe if I try now, then I may get a girlfriend too. Both laugh.

Sumitra and Anandi are in the kitchen. Sumitra expresses her happiness to Anandi as Jagya found a girl like Sanchi. Anandi is quiet. Sumitra asks her what happened. Anandi says, what can I say? Sanchi is a good girl, but she was raised very differently than this house.. so we have to see if she can change herself or no. Sumitra says, I am not worried about that as well. I am sure she will change herself and handle everyone. She is from the city, but still was trying so hard to learn village stuff. She took care of Jagya so well and when she was returning to Udhaipur, I saw tears in her eyes. She can take as much time as she wants, but I am sure, she will prove to be a good daughter in law. Anandi goes outside to serve dessert to everyone.

Jagya comes out in the red jacket that Sanchi gifted him. Sanchi runs to him and asks Sumitra how he looks. Nandu comes with his camera and says, he looks like a hero. He asks him to give a pose. Sanchi goes closer and holds his hand. Nandu takes pictures and Ganga has tears in her eyes on a side. Ganga then leaves from there and goes to her room. Anandi sees that.

Daddu asks Nandu to take his photo with Dadisa. Everyone smiles. Dadisa says, I don’t want any photo or anything. Everyone requests Dadisa, so she gets ready. Nandu doesn’t take photo as Dadisa doesn’t give a smile. Everyone tells Dadisa to give a smile. She does and finally Nandu takes photo.

Shiv’s family is ready to leave. Anandi then says, I will be back. Sanchi takes Jagya with her to see his gifts.

Ganga is crying in her room. She tells Manu to pray to God that her admission in nurse college gets done faster. She says, I don’t want to come between doctor sahab’s happiness. It will be better if I leave from here. Maybe that way, it will be easier for me to forget him as well. Screen freezes on Ganga’s crying face.

Voiceover: When you realize that you won’t get what you wished for…(sorry didn’t get 2nd line but its something like you become very sad or something)

Precap: 1. Same Anandi-Ganga conversation from yesterday’s precap.
2. Anandi tells Ira that she doesn’t think Jagya-Sanchi’s rishta will work for a long time, and that is why they should stop their rishta here. Ira gets up and says, enough Anandi.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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