Balika Vadhu 10th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 10th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anandi coming inside Nimboli’s room and tries to lift blanket from the bed, but just then she hears Shivam’s shout. She runs to his room. Shivam says I have seen a bad dream and tells her about his dream. He says you have pushed me from the mountain. Anandi says this is not right, you are my life and I love you very much. She says this can never happen. She makes him drink water and asks him to sleep. Shivam sleeps. Anandi looks on tensedly. The magician talks to Akhiraj about his work. Akhiraj says didn’t you think about your home and family, just then he gets an attack. Akhiraj asks do you need something. The magician signs him to give him something. Akhiraj makes him have medicine. Magician’s condition gets better. He thanks Akhiraj. Akhiraj says I will drive car

and take you to your destination. Magician says you might have to go somewhere. Akhiraj says he has no place to go, and says he is travelling for work. Magician says you saved my life and asks him to say what he needs. Akhiraj says I want to learn magic from you. Magician says you have saved my life and that’s why I can’t say no. He says you will be in my shelter now. Akhiraj thanks him and thinks his planning will be set.

Bus stops at the dhaba. Everyone gets down the bus. The girl’s chacha gets down the bus to get water after asking his wife to take care. Nimboli looks at the girl and asks about her kaki and kaka. The girl tells that she lost her parents in mela and these people told me that they will take me to my parents’ home. Chacha comes back and scolds his wife as the girl is again talking to Nimboli. Chachi forefeeds the girl Madhura.. Nimboli thinks why they are feeding her sweets late in night as she didn’t tell them that she is hungry.

Anandi thinks she will feed milk to Nimboli and go to Shivam. She comes to Nimboli’s room and calls her. She keeps hand on the blanket and finds it soft. She pulls the blanket and sees pillows set. She is shocked to see Nimboli missing.

Anandi searches for Nimboli in the house and wonders where is she? She says Nimboli have eloped from here. She goes to Jagya’s room and knocks on the door. Jagya opens the door. Anandi tells him that Nimboli has left. Jagya asks where? Nimboli sleeps in the woman’s lap unknowingly. The bus driver tells that Jhalra came, but Nimboli is sleeping in woman’s lap. Conductor looks for her, and says she might have got down. He asks driver to come.

Anandi tells jagya that Nimboli have left with her school bag, as she kept her clothes in it. Dadisaa says when did she go? Ganga says it means she might have went when we reach home. Jagya says I called Mangla, but she is not picking the call. He says Nimboli’s phone is off and she is not picking the call. Dadisaa says she might have went to Dr. Anant’s house to meet Nidhi. Jagya calls Dr. Anant and tells him that Nimboli went to meet Mangla. He asks Anandi to come and says may be Nimboli is on bus stand. Dadisaa prays to God.

Mangla says I will ask Anandi what did Nimboli say to her. She says Nimboli might behaved badly with them and now they will never try to separate us. Nimboli wakes up and thanks the woman. The conductor asks them to go to bathroom. Nimboli asks Conductor about Jhalra. Conductor says Jhalra is gone back. Nimboli cries. Conductor says bus will returned back and will dropped you to Jhalra. Nimboli thanks him. Jagya shows the photo of Nimboli to everyone present at the bus stop. Everyone nods no. Anandi gets teary eyes and says I have lost her. Jagya says we will see the CCTV camera of the bus stand. Anandi looks at an old man and asks about Nimboli. Jagya shows the photo. Other person wakes up and recalls dropping Nimboli to bus stand. Jagya and Anandi are about to leave. The same man tells them that he found Nimboli on the round and helped her reach her parents. Anandi and Jagya are shocked and tensed.

The couple with Madhura tell that they have kidnapped Madhura on tantrik’s saying. The woman says she is scared and asks if she will get a baby. Tantrik says she will get a baby after they sacrifice this girl. Nimboli hears them and gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Utter rubbish… all villians are successfully ploting around n no end to their cruelty n plots… mahaepisode with udaan couldnt bring change in d storyline… udaan shows leap n here nimboli still running for a vamp mangala…. wat a creation….

  2. so boring!!

  3. Oh God plz don’t start another story of Madhura in between Nimboli n Anandi . Writers plz show Anandi in action to save Nimboli from goons at least that will be some fun n action in the show , now a days when ever I see her she looks like a lifeless person or a robot. Plz plz writers don’t start another evil story,viewers are fed up of never ending dragging of this serial. Writers plz bring some spark in Anandi’s role.

  4. Shobha garrett

    Exactly. We certainly do not need another storyline here. Somehow we need to get some closure on the Nimobli situation and then perhaps just a teeny perhaps!
    I really feel we need to Amol back. I just loved him. As for Akiraj?????? Yuk all the way. Manila, hmmmmmmm. Pity party
    So I was thinking that We, readers should somehow write a story and hope that the producers and directors use our story line. Let’s bring it on!!!!!!!

  5. Shobha garrett

    Correction. Sorry not Manila but Mangala
    Didn’t have my glasses on. Lol. That’s makes for a story in it self.
    Jai Mata Di Reader Family

  6. no end to this serial and is getting bore day by day they do not have any proper concept to shoooooow

  7. no end to this serial and is getting bore day by day they do not have any proper concept to show maybe they should put a stop

  8. If sasural simar ka can be telecast for seven days why cant be balika vadhu be telecast for six/seven days. defer telecast of Nagin and telecast balika vadhu

  9. enough is enough, the serial is losing its charm

  10. What the hell is wrong with the script?? Have the writers totally lost it??..this drag of anandi reuniting with her daughter is neva- ending…somehow they have managed to turn a character like mangla also cruel and heartless…baseless story line and extremely boring….this serial has become a lost cause now…

  11. It’s too boring plz let’s know nimboli anandi is her real mother……

  12. Shobha garrett

    I would love for Balika Vadhu to be shown 6 days a week. so the show is getting kind or Weird. Losing its touch on the actual child bride issue.
    Oh well let’s see what today’s episode brings.

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