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Balika Vadhu 10th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ganga kicking the goon. Another goon comes and tells him that this woman is very clever, not like other girls. He says it will be fun when our saheb come here and handle you. LP Shrivastav come there and scolds the goon for not handling the girls. They apologize to him. LP Shrivastav says she slapped on my face and asks him to get Ganga closed in the room. Ganga hears him and thinks she knows him. Subhadra thinks.

Subhadra tells that she doesn’t feel like drinking water because of the happenings. Daddu asks Meenu, did you tell Anoop about it. Meenu says she is shaken. Subhadra says Anoop will be shocked after knowing Alok’s doings. She asks where is Alok? Ira comes with Alok. He says he is going to surrender and bends down to take Daddu’s blessings. Alok says

he felt insecure and that’s why he did this. He apologizes to him for making him feel shameful. Subhadra says she was right. Alok asks Ira to take care of herself and Papaji. Anandi stops him and says I will also come with you. Subhadra asks what was the need? Anandi says she didn’t accept that her Bade Papa could do anything like that. Alok says it will not be of any use. Anandi insists to come.

Check for all spoilers here added today….

Jagya and Kusum come running to the Police station. Shobha tells him everything. A flashback is shown. Shobha says Ganga saved us, but she is still in the goons captivity. The Inspector says that the girls are taken away by their family. Shobha tells Jagya about the Minister who sprinkles perfume on himself to hide his evil doings. Kusum realizes that he is LP Shrivastav. Jagya says he wants to take revenge on me. Shobha says I can take you there. I marks signs while coming here. They leave.

The Inspector tells Anandi that they have to keep Alok in custody. Anandi insists to meet him. She meets Alok while he is in lock up. Alok asks her to go home and says he is fine. Anandi asks why will you bear the punishment. Alok asks her not to tell Daddu and takes promise.

Anandi promises to keep it as a secret and says she will not say anyone, but truth will come out eventually. She says she will try to bring him out clean.

Jagya, Kusum and Shobha along with Police team come to the jungle in search of the house where Ganga is kept captive. Shobha sees the marks on the tree and follows the marks.

Subhadra asks everyone to drink tea. Daddu says he is hopeful that Anandi will bring Alok. Anandi comes alone. Subhadra says she knew that Anandi would return alone. Anandi says she tried, but couldn’t bring Alok back. She says Inspector said that bail is not possible for him till the enquiry is on. Everyone is teary eyed. Anoop comes back home and says it seems he came on the right time. He shows the gifts brought for them. He looks at everyone sad faces and asks why are they looking worried. Subhadra says Alok’s jealously have lighted the fire. He did business of stolen antiques. He hid the stolen goods in our farmhouse. Anoop gets shocked to hear that.

Next day, LP Shrivastav comes to Ganga. She gets shocked seeing him. Shobha, Jagya and the police team are coming towards the house with the help of sign marks on the tree. Ganga asks you. Shrivastav says haveli’s bahu and respect. He sprays perfume on himself and then smells his hand. He talks nonsence. Ganga gets angry. Jagya, Kusum are still walking with Police. Jagya falls down as he tries to hurry up. Kusum holds him. Jagya asks the Police to continue walking. Shrivastav says you are Jagya’s wife who snatched my everything. Now I will ruin him. I have to ruin you to ruin him. Ganga tells him that she is not weak and looks angrily.

Ganga screams for help. Jagya hears her screams and rushes towards the house. He beats the goons to reach Ganga. He hugs Ganga. Shrivastav points gun at him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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