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Balika Vadhu 10th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anant trying to convince Nimboli to go to school. He says teddy makes friendship with school going kids only. Nimboli says she don’t want to go to school and doesn’t like it. Shivam tries to convince her. Nidhi tells her that they have studies and fun in the school, and offers her help. Anandi asks what have you decided? Mangla says let it be, leave it. What she will do after getting education being a girl. Nimboli recalls Mangla massaging her head, and then Mangla scolding her for lying. Mangla says I am an illiterate, but can roam all the world alone. Anant says this is a new age world and whoever is uneducated are left behind. He says Nimboli will become something and asks if she don’t want that. Mangla looks on. Anant asks her to go to school for one week and then

decide. Nimboli agrees and asks for teddy. Anant says this is yours. Nimboli hugs the teddy and says I will go to school for one week. Mangla gets tensed.

Kamli tells that food is ready. Pushkar finds a laddoo in his kurta and thinks Chachi has given him. He thinks Kamli said that it is not for eating, but eats as he can’t stop himself. Later Mangla combs Nimboli’s hairs. Nimboli says you wanted me to go to school before, and now what happened to you. Mangla says that thing was different, and says Akhiraj and Kundan are educated, and have become inhuman after getting education. She says we are uneducated, but good. She thinks if you study then you will stay with Anandi and Dadisaa, and I will not let this happen. Jagya tells Anant that you did a wonder by convincing her. Ganga asks where is she? Nimboli comes wearing school uniform. Anandi gets happy seeing her. Nimboli sees Anant and asks what you are doing here. I am fine now. Anant says I came to see if you are going to school. Nimboli says she is ready to go to school. Dadisaa asks her to take God and Godess blessing. Nimboli looks at Mangla and faints. Everyone is shocked.

Kamli calls Pushkar and tells that breakfast is ready. Chagani says I will call him. Pushkar comes to kitchen and coughs holding his chest. Kamli panics and asks what happened? Nimboli tells Anandi that she really want to go to school, and says Dr. Anant might be angry with her. Anandi says no. Nimboli asks her to go to school. Anandi asks her to rest for today and tells Mangla that she is leaving. Mangla nods. She asks Nimboli if she want to drink lemon water. Nimboli nods. Mangla is about to go, just then Nimboli jumps on the bed and tells that she has feigned to be ill as she didn’t want her to go to school. Mangla gets happy and says you did right.

Kamli brings Pushkar to hospital. Doctor says it is a case of food poisoning. Kamli says he didn’t eat anything since morning. Doctor says he will be fine in sometime and then you can take him home. Kamli thanks him. She brings him home in the evening and tells Urmi that she will make him take the medicine. Urmila says I will bring his food. Pushkar tells her that he had eaten one laddoo given by his Chacha. Kamli gets tensed and asks why did you eat that. I told you that they are not good and want to harm you. She asks him to understand and says I would have make you eat good laddoo. Pushkar says I don’t want to waste food and had eaten it. He apologizes to her and hugs her. Kamli thinks I will not leave the guilty and will file police complaint against Kaki and Kakusaa.

Nimboli checks teddy and asks if you are really ill or faking. Mangla comes running and asks her to lie down on the bed as Anant is coming. Anant comes and asks how she is feeling now and asks if she is taking medicine. Nimboli says yes and acts to be weak. Anant says you will be alright till morning and will go to school. Nimboli says if I don’t get well till morning then. Anant says then I have to make you drink this syrup, and says it is very bitter in taste. Nimboli gets tensed and thinks she has to go to school now. She wonders what to do now.

Nimboli dances in Shiv Niketan function. Kundan and his goons come there and kidnap her. Someone informs Anandi that Nimboli is kidnapped and taken away by the goons.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Now another drama… Kidnap…. Then again nimboli gayab for 10 more years in some other city…
    Then both mangla n anandi wil search…
    After 10 yrs they see nimboli with 2 kids of kundan…
    Anandi n mangla cries…

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