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Balika Vadhu 10th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Urmila thinking to teach a lesson to Nimboli and scares her with mask on her face. Nimboli who is trying the cloth from the balcony falls off, but holds the edge. She shouts for help. Urmila panics and hides. Nimboli shouts for Disa. Disa asks where are you? Nimboli tells that she is hanging in the air. Disa asks her to wait and makes rope of clothes. Urmila goes to her room and gets tensed thinking Nimboli might die. Disa throws the rope and asks her to hold it. Nimboli holds it and finds hard to hang holding it. Disa couldn’t pull her up and calls for Chagani. She says I won’t let you die. Chagani comes. Disa and Chagani saves her. Nimboli cries being scared. Later Urmila peeps in Nimboli’s room, and she tells her that she saw a ghost( Urmila was wearing mask, so she

didn’t see her face).

Urmila feels relaxed. Disa tells her that Devi resides here and there is no ghost. Harki comes and scolds Nimboli. She asks her to start working. Disa reminds her that Nimboli was about to die, and was rescued. She asks don’t you understand? Harki asks shall I work for her. She says it was all drama to skip from work. She might have fallen while playing. She knows that she will be beaten and that’s why making excuses. Disa tells Harki that she will come and work in the kitchen, and asks her to forbids her from working. Nimboli wipes her tears and tells that she will work, but Disa asks her to rest and goes.

Urmila thinks what I have done? She thanks God for saving her life and feels guilty. She asks God to save her and no one shall know that she is responsible for the incident. She throws the mask from her window.

Akhiraj comes home and asks Harki to serve dinner fast as he is hungry. Harki serves him food. Akhiraj sits to eat it. He takes the first bite and spits it. Harki asks what happened and gives him water. Akhiraj puts her hand in the hot dish and stares her angrily, scolding her. Urmila is shocked to see his anger. Harki apologizes to him.

Mannu talks to Pooja and asks her to give him some time. He searches something on the internet. Kundan brings something for Urmila to eat and asks her to have it. Urmila says maa sa does so much for you, and you didn’t take a stand for her. When Akhiraj puts her hand in hot dal, you kept silent. She says my bapu didn’t do this with my maasa. Your Bapusaa didn’t think about Maasa’s pain. He was at fault to have not checked the dal before eating. She feels bad. Kundan twists her hand and asks her to think twice before saying anything to Akhiraj. He says his Bapusaa is always right and men rule over women. She asks if men raise his hand on women. Kundan stares her angrily.

Urmila tells you both are same. You are like your father. Kundan beats her. Urmila screams. Akhiraj and others come there. Kundan tells him that she was making an issue and badmouthing about Akhiraj, so he beat her. Akhiraj says you did right. Urmila asks him to raise hand on her dad and see.

Akhiraj asks Harki to close Urmila in the kothri. Harki closes her in the kothri. Mannu tells Pooja that you are pregnant. They check with the lab and get shocked. Kundan asks Akhiraj to free Urmila. Akhiraj tells that it means you are letting your dad getting insulted.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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