Balika Vadhu 10th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 10th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ganga reminiscing her first fight with Jagya and cries saying she is repenting for her mistake. She says you would have forgiven me, if you slapped me. You went far from me. Whenever you talk to me, you are bitter. Can’t you forget my mistake. Kundan looks at Madhav’s words and recalls trying to get close to Nimboli. He goes to Nimboli’s room and tries to wake her up. Chagani is sleeping on the other bed. Kundan tries to wake her up, but she is in sound sleep. He tries to lift her and thinks to take to his room. Chagani wakes up with the sound and asks what are you doing here? Kundan tells that he came to asks Nimboli about his school bag. Chagani says it might be in your room. Kundan says it is not there. Chagani asks him to search properly and let Nimboli sleep. Kundan

leaves. Chagani gets worried for Nimboli.

Dadisaa reads the newspaper and asks meaning of slow down to Mannu. Makhan kaka comes and says badi jiji sent her tiffin. Dadisaa eats it and praises the dish. She asks Ganga and Mannu to eat it. Ganga says ok and goes to give tea to Jagya. Mannu recalls Pooja giving him tiffin and thinks he shall give her something.

Ganga gives tea to Jagya. Jagya says sorry for whatever happened in the hospital. Ganga also apologizes. Jagya says he sent the email for confirmation of the machine. We really needed it. Ganga says you said right. I shall talk to you before ordering the machine. Jagya says you are incharge of the hospital and I am proud of you. You don’t need to take my permission. He asks her to decide after evaluating all the perspectives. He drinks tea.

Pooja is studying. Mannu comes. She sees him and smiles. She asks herself to control and stop dreaming about Mannu even in day time. Mannu says hi and asks what happened? Pooja says you gets excuse to disturb me. Mannu says I came here to give you tiffin. He says he made it. Pooja thanks him. Mannu goes.

Harki calls Nimboli and Chagani for tea. Chagani brings tea. Harki asks about Nimboli. Chagani says she went to Disa. Kundan comes. Harki gives him milk. Chagani asks did you get your school bag. Kundan coughs. Akhiraj Singh asks what is the matter. Chagani tells that Kundan came to the room and wake up Nimboli at 2 or 3 am. He was asking about his school bag. Kundan makes excuse and says he wanted to ask her about his bag. Nimboli comes and says Disa…………..Everyone goes hurriedly.

Ganga gets a call from Sarita. Sarita thanks her for sending Papad dish. Ganga gets shocked and says she is happy. Ganga thinks Mannu lied to her again. She assumes Mannu took that for Pooja and lied again.

Akhiraj Singh, Harki and Chagani come to Disa’s room and see her in Devi Avatar. She shakes her body like always. They fold their hands. Nimboli watches tensedly. Disa says you people have insulted an unmarried girl and it is my insult. She says no one cares for me, and I can’t live anymore. She says she will leave the house. Harki apologizes. Akhira Singh says he didn’t know. Disa says this house will be ruined. Nimboli and everyone get tensed. Disa falls down unconscious.

Kundan comes to his room. Akhiraj Singh asks him why did you go to Nimboli’s room. Kundan makes an excuse. Akhiraj shows the magazine photo and beats him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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