BALH – Love life of RAYA (Episode 2)

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Recap : raya’s eye lock

The episode starts with neha seeing ram and priya and clears her throat,both comes to sense . Neha asked priya shall we move , priya says sorry to ram and moves from there
Neha starts to tease priya,while she tries to explain, vikram hears them and starts to tease ram

In evening the college gets over all says bye and goes out. Neha in bus stop again starts to tease priya,suddenly an old lady falls unconscious,all in bus stop tries to wake her , priya sees a car and stops it and it was ram,she asl him help and accepted but when he sees the lady he goes from there and vikram who saw her and helped her and the three took her to hospital

The next morning in college ram comes to priya but she avoids him the whole day . In evening while going out ram asked her at least to say the reason, priya calls him s heartless man and started to shout him for going without helping the old lady,on hearing that ram goes out angrily without saying anything. At that time vikram told to priya snd neha that the lady is krishna kappor rams mother,on hearing this both where shocked and vikram narrated them the whole story of rams life on hearing this priya feels sorry for ram

At night priya calls ram (ram don’t know priya no so he attended the call) priya sats its me ,ram was about to cut the call ,just then priya says sorry and ram forgave her , ram says you know I didn’t eat any food till now while he was eating fries, proya again ask sorry and both hanged on phone with silence with smiling face

Precap : Isha’s entry

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