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Nitin priyanshu bro, though I know only few stories about balaram revati
According to Mahabharat, Balaram wife was Revati. But in some folklore, he had other wives – varuni and tulsi but I think it’s not true
He had 2 sons and a daughter from Revati
The story regarding their marriage goes like this.
Revat, father of Revati was searching for a groom for her. He went to brahma lok. Brahma ji was busy so he waited. When he got free many yugs have passed. Brahman told that time span of many yug is 1 day in heaven so it’s dwapar yug going on, Balaram (incarnation of sheshnag) has born along
with vishnu (Krishna).
Your daughter Revati (incarnation of nagalakshmi. Wife of sheshnag) marry her with him, she was very tall as people of satyug were taller than treta, dwapar, kali so by using his axe, he made her short and married her.
Both were fond of wine. It gives an idea that they are snake god and godess
Once revati asked him – do you love me more than wine
Balaram said – yes, I love you more than wine, otherwise I didn’t have married you, I would be happy with my wine, he would be my first wife, you would be second wife, he teases her
She says – if you would have done that, I would have gone to my parents house
He says – where are your parents, am I not your all
She says – certainly, you are my all
He said – stay with your parents here and along will me, I will never hurt you, my first, last and only wife
She says – but we should not allow our sons to drink
He says – yes, we should not allow them to drink, once they reach our age, then they can do that, let them mentally, physically and spiritually strong
She says – yes, I wish, your words come true
They use to drink together but never lost their senses
This is the story I read here –

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  1. Nitin priyanshu

    Thanks . and I like all story specially kamalanayani i am very excited to know next update of kamalayani and also i like laxman and urmila story .with your help I want to all story related to dwapar yug story and Lila of shri Krishna . thank you …….

  2. sorry i posted wrong as tulsi,wife of balram but i thlnk its not true bu t anyways i read here-

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