Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 2nd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 2nd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yamdooth tries to take Bakula’s soul unsuccessfully. Yamdooth asks if he really got distinction in removing soul. Yamdooth says there is some technical problem. Yamdooth asks him to continue trying to remove Bakula’s soul while he asks Niyati Devi if she changed Bakula’s fate.

Megha and Malhar insist Kiara to stay back with them. Kiara says she has a flight in the morning and she did not bring her night dress. Munna asks to wear his night dress. If it is loose, she can tie rope. Megha says she must be traveling for free. Kiara says even her relatives can travel for free. Malhar says she should take Munni first. Munna says he is dying, doctor told his heart will burst soon. Kiara feels sad hearing that. Aditya brings night dress or Mohit and Kiara and says even he wants

to become air hostess. Megha and Malhar say men cannot become air hostess. Kiara says men are call air steward. Drama continues.

Rekha with her bahus walks into Bakula’s room and after a bit of drama objects why did she permit Mohit and Kiaria’s wedding. Her bahus back her and say Kiara gifted 12,000 Rs worth sari. Madhuri says Mohit’s salary is only 15,000 rs, how will he compete with Kiara, their match is imperfect. They all try to convince Bakula, but she does not budge. They ask her to examine Kiara and find out if she is perfect for their family. Bakula agrees and says if Kiara fails, she will eat her own spit and convince Mohit to forget Kiara.

Yamdooth tries to remove Bakula’s soul repeatedly, but fails. He thinks of testing on someone else and thinks he cannot test on children. Chandu and children’s drama continue. Yamdooth takes Chandu’s soul and he falls down. Family gets worried. Yamraj scolds Yamdooth that he has to take Bakula’s soul and not Chandu’s and orders to return Chandu’s soul. Yamdooth return soul and Chandu gets up. Madhuri scolds him thinking he was acting.

Yamraj drags Niyati devi to Mahadev and says she is interrupting his work. Niyati says even she gets mood swings and changes fate accordingly. Yamraj says he never lose delayed his work, but Niyati is not interrupting his work and not telling how will Bakula tell. Mahadev orders Niyati devi to reveal secret. Niyati says he knows everything, but she will obey his order. She says Bakula will die due to cyclone.

In the morning, Mohit and Kiara exercise together. Aditya reads book loudly sitting nearby. Mohit asks what is he doing here. Aditya says practing to become air hostess and asks Kaira to get ready to experience turbulence at home. She asks what turbulence. He says like she experiences in flights and takes her in. Family drama starts. Everyone taunt each other, bathroom que, Rekha lying that she did not steal sari, etc.. Bakula asks Kiara to get ready and meet her in kitchen. Kiara meets her in kitchen. Madhuri say she has to give 3 exams. First, she has to iron clothes without using iron and explains she has to fold clothes and keep it under pillow and make Rekha sit on it. Bakula says it is her invention to save money. Next, she has to cut vegetables in cubes and not triangle, color of food should be perfect, etc. Next, she has to prepare tea. Each family member orders different tea. Kiara says she will not do anything and says she did not have all luxuries they are getting, one time tea was luxury for her. She is an illegitimate child and her mother worked her to bring her up. She will not do whatever they say and if they want to test her, they need to test even Mohit and check if he can do air steward job. Bakula tries to explain, but she says she knows everything but will not do. If this house is not compatible for her, then Mohit has to leave this house with her. Rekha taunts Bakula and asks if she will eat her own spit now. Bakula excuses and says she will convince Mohit to not marry Kiara and leaves saying Vinay is calling.

Gods meet again and Yamraj insists Niyati to tell how Bakula will die. She finally says Bakula will not die at home. Bakula calls Mohit at his dairy farm. Mohit’s boss’s buffoonery is shown and. Mohit picks call and Bakula asks him to come home right now. Boss asks Mohit clean buffaloes. Mohit says he cannot come. Bakula decides to go herself and asks Shyam to drop her. Yamdoot continues trying to remove Bakula’s soul unsuccessfully. Drama continues. Bakula sits behind Shyam on his scooter and heads towards Mohit’s dairy farm. A speeding truck heads towards them. Yamraj orders Yamdooth to make accident and remove Bakula’s soul. Speeding truck his Bakula bua and Shyam’s scooter and they both fall down.


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