Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 1st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 1st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bindu’s father Jam saheb insults Bakula that she herself is not married yet and is doing sin by considering god as her husband. Bakula says party is canceled. Chandu says what about this decoration. Bakula says remove everything, party is canceled. Jam asks to show her marriage certificate. Krisha bhagwan tries to get into his vehicle to reach Bakula bua, but Shivji stops him. Jam continue and says Bakula questioned his innocent daughter, now she is caught. Aditya records video and says someone is insulting Bakula daadi and whole family is standing silently. Mohit enters. Rekha also taunts Bakula. Mohit stops her and says whole family is silent and seeing a stranger insulting Bakula. He asks Jam if he is related to Bakula or thakurji/Krishnaji. Jam says no. Mohit asks then why is

he pointing at Bakula.

In heaven, Yamraj and Niyati Devi/lady god who writes fate watch the drama. Yamraj jokes with Niyati Devi. Mohit continues confronting Jam. Bindu says Mohit is so caring for his family, that is why she wants to marry him and it is final. Mohit asks to stop dreaming and tells Jam that his daughter’s alliance is broken thrice as she is arrogant, why don’t he call her inauspicious. Jam says Bakula he feels he insulted again. Bakula says he is. Jam says he will not stop for even 10 min. Mohit says don’t stand for even a min and asks to go. Jam walks away. Bindu asks her stepmom to take gifts and come out. Rekha asks to leave gift and walks with them. Drama continues. Rekha promises him that she will get Mohit married to Bindu for sure and will convince Bakula. Jam taunts she has to even breathe with Bakula’s permission. His wife jokes if she has to gasp for air each second and take permission. Bindu jokes to divorce his second wife. He sasy he is joking. Rekha says she will convince Bakula. Jam says then he will send Bindu with gold and get back Raja diary and 200 buffaloes and she can have paneer, milk, rasmalai, etc. daily, she can walk between 200 buffaloes. Rekha imagines ramp walking between buffaloes. Jam asks to get back to her place and asks to start her work.

Rekha returns. Bakula asks where is her silver tumbler gift, if she does not get it, she will write my daughter is a thief on her mother’s hand. Jokes continue. Rekha asks she has to decide who will decide whose gift is best first. Bakula asks Krishnaji to come down and decide and insists. Munna also insists to come down on his garud vahan/vehicle and do justice. Krishnaji tries to get on vehicle, but Niyati devi stops him and says she has infused a thought in Bakula like she did in Mohit to save Bakula. Bakula says krishnaji never came even after so many requests and asks to send flower at least and signal who will judge. Krishnaji is busy playing his bansuri. Niyati devi reminds him. He throws flower down and it falls into Munni’s cup. Bakula picks chit and says it is Munna. Rekha resists, but Bakula as usual shuts her mouth and taunts she has to give her silver mug, else she will write my daughter is a thief on her mother’s hand.

Drama continues. Bakula asks everyone to show their gift. Vinay shows his and Rekha’s sensual dance on Lahu muh lag Bakula asks if it is Rekha’s anniversary gift and asks to shy at least in front of children, else soon there will have a baby to play with their grandchildren. Rekha gets shy. Madhuri asks her to behave. Chandu then shows his gift and says he brought best gift for her. Bakula asks if it is sari, shalwar kameez, tights, western dress, etc. He shows petticoat and says there was buy one get one offer going on, he bought one for Maduri and is gifting her free one. Bakula taunts him that his life is stuck in petticoat. Madhuri gives her mobile and says it is new one worth 7500 rs. Chandu says she sold her bangle and bought it. Rekha gives her bangle to Madhuri. Bakula asks to give another bangle to her to buy silver mug. Drama continues. Mohit shows his gift and Bakula’s gets happy and emotional seeing her and Krishnaji’s painting together as couple. Mohit says he painted it for her. Munna says Mohit chachu won. Rekha says it is injustice. Shyam says his gift is still there and recites a lame poem. Munna says it is third class. Rekha says Munna cannot decide it without even watching gift. Munna says he sawa Bakula’s facial expression with each gift and she got emotional with Mohit’s gift, so he won. Bakula asks Mohit to ask what he wants. He calls Kiara in. Bakula asks if she is his air hostess friend Kiraya. Kiara says it is Kiara. Bakula says she told Kiraya itself. Kiara gives gifts to Bakula and Krishnaji. Bakula gets impressed. Mohit says he wants to marry Kiara. Rekha says how can he, she fixed his marriage with Bindu. Bakula asks with whose permission and says Mohit she permits him to marry Kiara.

In heaven, Yamraj waits for Niyati devi and once she emerges asks how will Bakula die. She says she cannot break suspense. He says he has hired new yamdooth and it will be easy for him to take out Bakula’s life. Down on earth, Bakula shows gifts to Thakurji/Krishnaji and asks him to wear it in her dreams, they will do rasleela. Krishnaji smiles. Yamdooth comes to take her life and seeing her resting thinks she is dead before he could take her life. She wakes up and dances. Yamdooth takes Yamraj’s permission and gets ready to take her life.

Precap: Rekha asks Bakula on what right did she permit Mohit to marry Kiara. Madhuri says she took a decision in a hurry, what if Kiara is unfit for this house. Bakula says they will test Kiara. Madhuri asks Kiara to fold clothes, cut vegetables and prepare tea. Niyati devi says Yamraj that Bakula’s death cannot happen at home, so he has to take her life when she is out of house. Bakula travels on scooter with Chandu and meets an accident with a truck.

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