Bahu hmari rajni kant – 6th episode


So lets start

Surili-ok she is the planner so what she is doing up?

Shaan-Actually she is my ffriends sister thats why I hire her.

Surili-ok rajni come with me.

Rajni- didnt say anything

Shaan-Rajni go.


Rajni moves with surili
All the decoration is done now its time to celebrate diwali.

Amrish-wow decoration is so good.

Rajni-Thank you

Surili-now you take rupees and go. And tahnkyou.

Amrish- how rude you are surili. She had decorated our home si beautiful and you are saying to go beta you will stay here


All celebrated diwali happily

In the morning

Some one is coming to home in a very western wear.

Girl-Hey you put my bags inside

Guard-yes mam

Surili comes outside oh my baby you have come how are you

They hug each other

Precap-guess who is that girl

And sorry for short episode im busy and I keep updating fast now.

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  1. Saasha123

    That girl is shoguta… I think so and this epi was toooooooo short… Angry with u fr that?????????…… And comin to epi it was good the day u will upload long epi I will surely praise u with such a lot of words avishi di?????☺

    1. Avishi

      Sorry and yup the next episode i uploaded it

  2. Avishi

    readers of my ff i wana tell you that next episode is the end of season and then the next season is gonna start so next season should be late posting

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