Bahu hmari Rajni kant – 5th episode

Sorry for the late submission my exams were going … now im free..
So episode starts with……………….
Shaan in his lab updating rajni…

Shaan-99 and 100 percent.
Done now rajni you know all the things and festivals….

Rajni-Shaan, now what can i do for you?

Shaan-Go to almira and shut down

Rajni- ok

Shaan leaves

Rajni goes to almira and shut down herself but forget ti close the door of almira

Full family of shaan is in hall talking out for diwali celebration.

Surili-This diwali celebeation in my gome will be grand that all the ladies will be jealous with me.

Amrish miming- she always want to jealous her friends and take out all the money.

Surili- Did you said anything amrish?

Amrish-Nothing nothing

All the members planing the things

Scene 2

Children are playing cricket and suddenly the ball enter the shaans room and hit on rajnis head.

She started automaticly

All family members are done now this ti.e to hire the pplanner to see the work.

Amrish- We need a cheap planner and that do a nice work.


Rajni started and came out of almira and moves out of the room

She is walking in the lobby amrish and surili sees it they get shocked.

Surili calling her

Surili-who are you?

Rajni-Hello im rajni

Amrish-what are you doing here?

Rajni says something before shaan comes and say she is my friend.

Surili but fron where did she came?

Shaan-Hmm she is the planner of the diwali

Precap- Diwali special episode

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