Bahu hmari Rajni kant – 4th episode

soo this is episode 4 and lots of new character entrys hope you like it……………………….

new chracters…………

Surili- shaans mom
Amrish- shaans father
dhyan- shaans brother
gyan- shaans brother
sharmila- dhyans wife
maggie- gyans wife……….

shouguta will be added later…


shaan insert a chip on rajni

Dev- shaan i am hungry…..

shaan- stop it dev

he inserts chip and rajni start on

Rajni- HELLO! Im c3445 . what can i do for you?

shaan- move your arms

Rajni-ok she moves her arms it comes up little and her arm start shivring.

shaan- shitt! i forgot to add oil

surili from her room- shaan!

shaan coming mom! dev you put the oil into the rajni arms and legs.

dev eating a burgur- ok shaan….

shaan moves out lab…

dev eats burgur and start pouring oil into rajni arms and legs.

shaan come and ask dev did you put the oil in rajni?

dev- yessss!


shaan commands to rajni- move your arms and legs and come to me


rajni move and she stop working…..


shaan takes the oil can to put more oil and see there is water in the can

shaan- from this can you have putted the oil?

dwv- yes sooo much oil!

shaan angrily throws can towards dev..

dev screams and see there is water in can

shaan goes to rajni and takes out all the parts and start drying them…

At night shaan again reset rajni and start on her.

rajni moves and say
HELLO! im c344 5. what can i do for you?

shaan- rajni move and give me that juice.

rajni- brings the juice.

shaan good now open the fan give me blanket

rajni ok

shaan rajni activet self shut down mode

rajni- activating self shut down mode

shaan sleeps

Precap- Rajni is roaming in the house amrish and surili see it.

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  1. Nice episode

  2. Disha

    Really very episode but this also short

    1. Avishi

      Thanks and Sorry and yah im not getting time but next episode that i have written is long

  3. Saasha123

    Nice!!! Keep it up!!!!

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