Bahu hmari Rajni kant – 2nd episode

Hi this is second episode of my bhrk ff sorry for the the late submission.
at Morning SHAAN was too happy that he get money to make a robot.
shaan call at the number of man

shaan- hello! I want to know the place.

Man- ok I am gonna tell you through message.

He cuts the phone

Shaan- hello!

Shaan got the message

Message- come at the famous waterfall place.

Time- 5:00pm

Shaan- famous waterfall here?? Oh yes I understand………

At 5:00 shaan near waterfall

Shaan gets call

Man- come near waterfall .

Shaan- ok

Shaan goes near water fall

Man is in coat and his face is covered with scarf.

Man- take your money

Shaan- takes money, now what I have to give you instead

Man- that I will tell you later.

Shaan- happily goes

Precap-12 months leap was there and rajni has finally finished
The secret o the man will be revealed later

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  1. Awesome
    Update next soonn

    1. Avishi

      Thanks and next update will be on Sunday

  2. Disha

    Really amazing
    but its to short

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