The episode starts with Mathew asking Rajni about Robot. Rajni replies that every human is robot they wake up at same time daily go to office come to home at a specific time daily. Everybody in this world is a robot inside. She then change the topic to Shogita’s wedding. Mathew says he will marry Shogo but he has some demands. Rajni considers demands as dowry and starts beating him saying that those who take dowry should be in jail not on comfortable couch. Just then Dev and Shaan arrives and they too join Rajni in beating Mathew. They all leave from there immediatly, before Mathew comes back to his senses. Mathew is furious to know that they run away and say to himself that Shaan is gone now. At home Rajni asks shaan to give her to Mathew as this is solution of the problem and she is now mostly completed and he made her for Mathew. Shaan asks do you want to go to Mathew? Do you

want to leave me. Rajni replies that this is about agreement. Shaan says why shpuld I give you? I am your creator I served my time and attention on you why should I give you to that Mathew . He has already gone insane he is not the one I did agreement with. If he misuses you it will cause alot danger. She says this reason is valid but is there any other reason than this and blinks her eyes romantically. Shaan blinking his eyes in same manner says what do you think do I love you? I am getting selfish for you? I dont want to lose you? Have you gone mad. Rajni says I didnt say this you did. He says all I know is I camt give you to that Mathew and leaves from the room. Rajni talks to her self and says that Shaan you are in love and smiles.

The family is celebrating since its 32 yrs of Amrish in truck business. Mathew calls Sjaan and warns him that give him his robot or else his father’s best day will be ruined. Shaan and Dev reaches Kanth Truck Station and finds Mathew there who again warns him. Shaan secretly call Amrish and asks him if he can talk to Rajni. He says to Rajni that stop the family do anything but not let anyone to come here its danger here for them.

Rajni follows his command and asks everyone to change their clothes , they all agree amd goes to change clothes.

On truck station Mathew’s guards point gun towards Shaan and Dev in which dmDev replies that I will make Shaan understand. They move to side and Dev says him to give Rajni to Mathew.
Shaan tell him that Mathew is mad now and he will misuse Rajni. Rajni is made for good deeds not for destruction. Dev agrees with him and says you are right my heart says Rajni is only for you dont give him to this Mathew

Amrish arrives at Truck Station. People greet him and shoot the event. Mathews say to Shaan that what if his father’s name reproach today on this day. Shaan worries. Police arrives and says that we have to check your trucks since we got news that you smugle heroines.

Credit to: Ayesha

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  1. I just love this drama !! instead of all that saas bahu kinda things .. this is best n even full of comedy!! problems are also being resolved so soon and I just love ranini!! wish she wasn’t robot??

    1. Totally agree with you?. but if she wasnt the robot then how there will be all that fun? but honestly I also wish that she convert to a normal girl which isnot possible ? Lets hope

  2. I love rajni”‘s dialog ye feature to mujhme ha hi nahi. Rajni,dev aur shaan ne milkar methew ko kitna mara this is best part of episode

  3. Hilarious ?☺

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