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Bahu hamari rajni_kant : phir se the intro


Hello friends, I’m Eishwa and here to make my first fan fiction intro I will be doing many more if you like this one. Let’s start

Ridhima Pandit as Rajni kKnt aka R.A.J.N.I (Randomly Accessible Job Network Interface).Who is a fabulous super robot she loves her family and Shaan. She saved her family from Matthew(Shogata’s ex boyfriend ) therefore the family is grateful. And her secret isn’t out yet.

Karan Grover as Shaantunu Kant/Shaan is a genius scientist who created Rajni.Shaan has three siblings he is the second eldest son of the Kant family.He and Rajni saved their family from Matthew. He married Rajni.

Pallivi Prachange as Surili Kant is a bengali sophisticated women and also Shaan’s mother she was against Rajni but when Amrish (shaan’s father) convinced her she decided to get Shaan married to Rajni. She was was kidnapped by Matthew. But saved by Rajni and Shaan.

Rajendra Chawla as Amrish Kant is a Punjabi truck owner and also Shaan’s father he wanted Rajni to become his daughter in law when he saw her. But he convinced Surili to make Rajni their daughter in law.He was kidnapped by Matthew but saved by Rajni and Shaan.

Vahbbiz Dorabjee as Maggie Kant is half witted Shaan’s sister in law.She is the eldest daughter in law.She is gyaan’s wife.she was kidnapped by Matthew but saved by Rajni and Shaan.

Mehul Nisar as Gyaan Amrish Kant is the eldest son of the Kant family.He works at Kant truck company.He was kidnapped by Matthew but saved by Rajni and Shaan.

Tanvi Thakkar as Sharmila Kant is also a half witted bengali girl who is also dyaan’s wife .she was kidnapped by Matthew but saved by Rajni and Shaan.

Neel Motwani as Dev/ Devendra Bangdu is Shaan’s best friend and Rajni so called brother. He is married to Shogata’s . He was also kidnapped by Matthew but saved by Rajni and Shaan.

Neha Kaul as Shogata Kant is a fashion diva and shaan’s sister .she is married to Dev. She was kidnapped by Matthew but saved by Rajni and Shaan.

Here you are guys. Did you find it good? Please feel free to comment ?

  1. …wht everyone was jst kidnapped by Mathew and was saved rajni n shaan….not at all interesting story same line has been written thousand tyms…mght be u r trying 4 d first tym dats y!!!!
    Sorry to say bt try to make an interesting One….

    Comment edited.

  2. Lover not hater

    They all got kidnapped amd rescued by shaan and ragni no offemce but stop this bakwas its no good next you will do is shan dies
    Shaguta dies
    Ragni dies
    The whole family dies so funny but that doesnt show anything sorry guys im not being mean but putting my thought forward

  3. Missed Dhyaan? All the best for ur fanfiction.

  4. Eishwa

    Hi guys don’t worry this storyline will be good just wait ☺ thanks for the thoughts. Won’t dissapoint ?

  5. It’s nice..plz cotinue..

  6. Lover not hater

    Sorry eishwa i didint mean to hurt u mreally sorry babe’s

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