Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant : Phir Se episode 9


Hello guys Eishwa here and I am soooooo happy that you all love my fan fiction but all good things comes to an end but no worries let’s start ……

The episode starts with

Samira telling Shaan and Rajni to come out Shaan says ” that was too close but now we need to finish the robot ”. Rajni says ” Shaan why don’t you get together with Samira she’s just like me but she’s a human being ”. Shaan says ” I wish I could but what about the family what mom and dad say ”. Samira hears them and says ” Shaan still has feeling for me OMG no Samira focus on the robot FOCUS”.afterwards Shaan returns home and Amrish comes saying ”OYE SHAAN where were you”. Shaan says ” dad I went to get something for Rajni okay now if you excuse me I need to go”. Amrish says ”Somthing is fishy I need to find out”

Shaan calls Samira and says ” Samira we need to update Rajni’s chip I’ll come back in 45 minutes ”. Amrish says ” SHAAN WHAT WERE YOU TALKING ABOUT RAJNI”. Shaan says ” nothing it’s our personal matter”. Amrish says ”personal matter I’ll knock some sense into you”and picks his slipper and throws at Shaan and says” TELL WHAT WERE YOU ABOUT RAJNI OR I WILL KILL”. Shaan says ”okay fine ”. Amrish calls the whole family then the family comes and says ” What’s the problem ”. Then Shaan says I want sat something ” Rajni is not a human being she’s a robot I made her I was under pressure by mom to marry so I married Rajni the robot and I didn’t want you to know that’s why now I can marry my ex girlfriend she’s exactly like Rajni.”Enough Shaan what’s wrong with you, you betrayed us” Surili said. ”I can’t believe I trusted you , you should be ashamed of your self but now we know it’s okay but never lie to us again okay ”

Precap : Matthew comes to Samira’s laboratory and holds a gun in her forehead.

So guys here you are please feel free to comment ? ? ? ? ❤ ? LOVE YOU ALL ? ? ?

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  1. very nice episode shaan tell rajni’s true when you post next episode

    1. Eishwa

      Today and you will love it

    2. nice episode . i wish i could really make robot that can help me and my mother shut up.
      my wife is so nice and my mom ( i wish she was not my mom) i divorced my wife and my wife never even asked for child almony. rajni show give me idea
      thanks for making robot story

  2. RANdomfANCreationz

    finally u updated it ws eagerly waiting for it

  3. Nice????

  4. Eishwa

    Hello guys just a minor setback well we all know about telly updates not letting us use the article submitting page tomorrow I will upload it and you will love the last episode Insh Allah ???

  5. Saasha123

    Wa eagerly fr this epi finally uploaded. Nice episode…

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