Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant : Phir Se Episode 8

Hello guys Eishwa here and Sorry that I couldn’t write my fan fiction but I hope you have forgiven me……So let’s start

The episode starts with

Shaan waking up and looks at Rajni and says ” Rajni don’t tell me that you talked to Samira”. Rajni says ” okay shaan but I talked to her and she was crying “.
Shaan says” we need to go to Samira but I will warn you that she is exactly like you “. Rajni says” no problem Shaan ”. Then they go to Samira’s laboratory, then Samira comes saying ” WOW, Mr. Shaantunu Kant is here with his other half ”. Then she sees Rajni and says ” wow unbelievable she’s exactly like me ”. Shaan comes and says to Samira ” Samira when you left me I was heart broken so I thought that I should make a robot because Matthew asked me to do so but when I discovered that if I get in his way he will eliminate me then I thought that I will make a robot with your facial expressions then when I finished my robot then decided to marry her because my mom insisted and now Matthew wants my Rajni . And I need to save my Rajni will you help me”.

Samira says ” that evil Matthew he will also eliminate me if I get in his way then yes I will help you and Rajni but I will need your help by finishing my robot S.H.A.A.N (Super Human Auto Assistance Navigater) and I know the name needs work so now we will start ”. Any questions no good let’s start. Afterwards Shaan says to Samira that ” he will install a new chip in shaan” then Samira says ”sure why not”. Then Matthew comes to Samira’s laboratory and shouts Samira ,Samira Samira says ” oh no that Matthew you better hide”. Then Shaan and Rajni hides Samira comes to Matthew and says ” yes sir why are you here ”. Matthew says ” why don’t ask it’s been 5 weeks and why I need my robot to destroy Shaan ”.

Precap : Amrish hears Shaan talking to Samira about Rajni’s robot features needs upgrading

So guys here you are but I need a favor and the favor is that BHRK :PS will end on episode 10 so I need suggestions from you all that what will happen in the last episode

Love you all ? ? ? ? ?


  1. diya

    I think in last mathew in jail ,shaan nd samaira married nd robots go for nation security team

  2. Maru

    I think that the robots should give up their robotic power and become humans
    N thn Rajni should stay wid her shaan
    N Samaira with the robot she made
    Also Mathew should either become good or go to jail

  3. Eishwa


    Hello ? everyone Eid Mubarak to everyone may you all have a blessed Eid and I post all 2 episodes after Eid so should I include all 2 episode or sperate so please tell and once again Eid Mubarak ?????

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