Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant : Phir Se Episode 7 (Maha Episode)

Hello guys, Eishwa here and for the first time I’m doing a maha episode and sorry for not uploading yesterday because I was planning this so…… Lets start….

The episode starts with….

Rajni talking to Shaan , Rajni says ”Shaan I’m sure this plan will work.” then Shaan calls Matthew saying”Matthew sir I would like you to take my robot with you please come.” Matthew says’ ‘Shaan if this is a trick I will kill you.” then Shaan says ”sir don’t worry there is no trick ”. Afterwards Matthew comes saying ”Shaan be carful my guards have surrounded you. ” Shaan comes and says ”Sir you’re here good ” and stalls him. Meanwhile Rajni uses her magnet app to get Matthews phone and hacks it. Seeing the call logs she mistakenly calls Samira, Samira picks up saying ”What do you want.” Rajni says ”I want nothing.” Samira asks confusingly ”who are you.” Rajni says ”I’m Rajni Kant, Mr Shaantunu Kant’s wife, and you are.” Samira cries saying ”Samira”. and cuts the call. Rajni says oh no I just talked to Samira I need to tell Shaan. Then Matthew gets mad and says ”WHAT RUBBISH, where is my robot .” Then he gets a call from some and says ” don’t worry I’m coming” and cuts the call and says to Shaan ”Shaan you’re lucky that today I’m busy but now 5 weeks left. ” And leaves.

Afterwards Shaan tells Rajni that he’s going to the hardware store to get something. Then Samira also enters the store to get some nuts and bolts because last time she didn’t get any nuts and bolts. then she gets some and leaves to the store then Shaan goes out the store then he sees someone in the mirror its Samira but it turns out to be his imagination.
Then he comes home and Rajni comes and tells Shaan that she talked to Samira. Then Shaan faints Rajni says” Oh no I made Shaan faint . ”

Precap: Shaan and Rajni goes to Samira’s lab

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  1. Saasha123

    Wohoo awsm epi.

  2. Super interasting episode

  3. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow nice maha episode πŸ™‚

  4. But how did thank came back after dismantling???

  5. Eishwa

    what ? I didn’t get you

  6. Are you talking about samara in rk fir se episodes? I have not seen these episodes.. Is shantanu ex girlfriend connected to Mathew? I don’t get.. When the episodes got air rajnikant phir se

    1. Eishwa

      Amrita dear this is a fan fiction although I want this to air but it’s a fan fiction πŸ™‚

  7. Saasha123

    Wishwa di wen will u post ur next epi. Waiting….

  8. Saasha123

    I mean eishwa di

  9. Eishwa

    Don’t worry tomorrow

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